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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Even my hairdresser Gina pointed out how extremely exhausted I looked today. (She was right.) I yawned no less than 20 times today during kindergarten. What can I say? End of the year catches up with ya. So tonight's blog is going to be short and sweet.

Nevertheless, no amount of exhaustion can keep me from playtime with my Bunchkins. This new game was seriously cracking me up.

It began with my sneaky tactics to get jammies on all my babies. (Because it's SOOoo funny for them to run away from me if they can). So to be sneaky, I'd lay my head on the couch and make snoring noises with my eyes squinted (almost) shut..knowing they'd be too curious to stay away for long.

Sure enough, they'd walk over, bend down to see my face and just when they'd get close...I'd jump out and yell "ROAR!" as loud as I could and then grab them and put jammies on em. They'd all turn to giggles and immediately Hunter would say, "Mama night night" and motion for me to do it again. I did this for oh, I don't know 23 times or so. And then I looked at Hunter and said, "Now you do it. Hunter goes night night." And she'd do exactly what I had been doing.


Then she's look at me and say, "Ethan night night?" And so Ethan played the role, and then of course, Colton. :)

Before long, the three of them were 'pretending' to fall asleep on the couch while I made the snoring noises for them. As soon as I'd stop they'd all turn around in perfect sync and ROAR at me! I was cracking up. One of the best things about having multiples is when they do just about anything together, peacefully.

"Pretending" to sleep...
Still pretending...

And then, ROAR!!
Thanks for the laughs, Bunchkins.

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Jeremy DeBauche said...

Sounds like a ton of fun!

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