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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's all so clear now.

Kindergarten Teacher by day, Mommy by night. That's my gig. Last night at about 4:30, I headed out from my house to get back to school for Kindergarten Graduation. I took the same route I take every morning, and I drove the same car I always drive-my Suburban.

And yet, something just didn't seem quite right. As I pulled up to the traffic light I could feel the guy next to me checking me out. (Or so I thought). And yet, the look on his face did not exactly say "How YOU doin?" So I proceeded to drive. Sunglasses on, hair a' blowin, taking swigs of my drink. Looking forward to seeing my kindergartners graduate.

And then I noticed a similar scenario on the next stretch of road. Hmph. Interesting..."I must be looking pretty hot tonight." I thought to myself.

Graduation went off without a hitch and I went off to watch the Bachelorette, like usual. And frankly, it was a whole day later that I had an epiphany.

I KNOW why people were looking at me funny now. Tonight, Brian and I did a little recreation for you so you too could see why the funny looks.

So let's begin by imagining you're driving down the road and you see my sweet-a$$ suburban. Then you notice my awesome license plate and you spend the next 13 minutes trying to figure out what 'Tripmom' means. "Is she a flight attendant? She takes lots of trips? Is she a clumsy mom? Is she a taxi mom running her kids everywhere?"
And then you notice my magnet and realize you know the answer. "Aah, she's a mother of triplets....TRIP MOM!" I get it now. And suddenly you're feeling so proud of your detective skills.
Until you pull up beside me and see this.
And now I know why you gave me the look you gave me. Cuz I know that you were thinking, "OMG! That mother of triplets is drinking beer while she's driving! What is she thinking? Should I call 911?" (Turns out, you weren't checking me out cuz you thought I was hot.)

It's all so crystal clear now.

But here's the thing. Funny story, actually...one of my triplet mom friends Stacey, of 'The Alexander's Hattrick', entered a contest in which she won a free case of ROOT BEER. Unfortunately they would not ship it to where she lives and so, she asked if I would like it shipped to my house instead.

Um, yes please.

THIS is what I was drinking. ROOT beer. NOT beer beer.
So thank you Stacey for the yummy Root Beer and thank you to the driving public for your vigilance. But no, I promise I was not drinking and driving. :) (Well I guess I WAS drinking and driving, but I was certainly not drinking Beer and driving.)

* On a totally separate note, this blog is about memories. Memories for my kids and I to cherish until we're old and gray. So I want to take a moment to remember someone very prominent in my memory who passed away suddenly last night. We grew up one house away from 'The Williams' Family. And I'm talking like 30 years ago. :)Bob & Rosey and their kids Bill, Angela, Lisa, Pam, Theresa and David. The older kids babysat us, and taught us how to love Motley Crue, the younger kids were our best playmates. Our parents were best friends. We spent hours together...cookouts, Christmas Eves, you name it. You can't even imagine the fun our families had together. Bob passed away last night and I did not want this loss to go unnoticed. He will be missed dearly at all our celebrations...my kids' birthday parties, March Madness basketball barbeques, birthday parties, you name it.

You will be missed by so many Bob. We will remember you always and I want you to know that I for one, intend to have a beer in your honor at each gathering you will miss. And don't worry, we'll take good care of Rosey for you. :)

Bob, Rosey and Ethan at their first birthday party.


Kim said...

Awesome post Ami! I love the 'Tripmom' and the connotations!!!
Also, feel for the Williams family and have them in our prayers! Dave

Tim and Darcy said...

Oh my gosh!!! So funny...I LOVE it!!! Btw, I NEEDED a beer today! Phew...glad it's OVA!!!

April said...

That is such a funny story! Hilarious.

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. :(

Dad said...

Bob was a steady, gentle man in a frequently tumultuous world. Thanks for the tribute, Ami.

Jenna said...

Great story Ami! I am in shock and so sad right now, hearing about Bob. All I can picture is him and Dad always laughing and having a great time. All my love, Williams Family.

Courtney said...

So glad you've experienced Abita Rootbeer, even all the way out in Arizona! I'm from New Orleans; the Abita Brewery is only about a half hour away from where I live. Their beers are all really good, too.....just sayin'. :)

Anonymous said...

very funny story! Sorry about your family friend who passed.

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