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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Every time I say goodbye to another kindergarten class I feel, well, old. And now that I'm a mother, every time I say goodbye to another class, I get that little pain in my heart when I realize that that means my own kids are getting closer and closer to starting kindergarten. (Cry me a river, right? It's still 3 years away!) But do you even KNOW how fast a year goes by??

Anyhoo, it's like she knew I was feeling nostalgic. The moment we got home from dinner with my dad and Genise, we hit the trampoline. But instead of bouncing like a crazy girl, Hunter made her way into my lap and rested her little head on my chest, where she stayed for the next 45 minutes. I love snuggly babies. I dread the day they no longer want to do that...and as if my impromptu 'little girl cuddle' wasn't blissful enough, it was made better watching my 3 boys wrestle and train for the PBR. (Professional Bull Riding, for you non-cowboys.) Life sure is good.

So school's out, we're headed to Phoenix for my friend Jen's daughter Ava's 1st birthday party, unfortunately missing my friend Sarah's son Henry's 1st birthday party, and then we are off to Kansas City folks. Fully aware of the weather, yes. I figure the airlines won't let us fly if it's that bad still, right? Right?? ;) Then again, you know me. I have no fear and I LOVE to fly. (And remember, I love turbulence even more.)

Furthermore, let's talk briefly about this trip, Between Hanger Orthotics and Omega World Travel, we are in the best hands you could imagine. They are taking such good care of us, ensuring that they do every little thing possible to make our first travels with 3 toddlers as relaxing and easy as possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It's has made us look even more forward to the trip.

So I'm kinda bummed cuz I have some pretty cute pictures of the kids at Chili's tonight, but my phone battery died so I can't email them to myself just yet.

Which means that's it. It's all I got for tonight. :) Good night friends, good night babies. Tomorrow, vacation begins. :)

(Okay fine, I can't not leave you with at least ONE picture. Here are couple I found from way back in December! My mom and Al took the boys to their first movie IN an actual theater. I can't even remember what they saw, but don't they look like they're enjoying it? Man, Ethan sure knows how to chill...


The Alexanders said...

SO cute! I have not even thought of taking the boys to a movie yet...did they sit through the entire thing?

Sarah said...

thanks for making me tear up ami! yes, i do know how fast a year goes as tomorrow my baby turns one!!! have fun in your travels and when you get back, we can have another bunchkin playdate, henry had SO much fun the first time ;) can't wait to hear how the travels go, have fun :)

Stephanie said...

If you coming to KC and you have time we could let the kids play...since they are so close in age I bet they would love it.

The Kemps said...

Word of caution: Your little people may turn out to be excellent travelers and charm the flight staff, airport staff, car rental staff and everyone else thus making your travels a snap. Which may lead to more trips with little people, which then may become an addiction. So, that the minute you walk off a plane you start saving for the next trip....just saying....not that it's happened to us or anything. ;-)

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