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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Can't talk now...

Cuz Mama's goin out!

Admittedly, I almost forgot to do a blog today...and now that it's 5:34 pm, and I'm sittin' in my sister's kitchen, with the girls getting ready to go out, (a kitchen we all lived in at some point during our single lady days) I realized I'd better be borrowin' a laptop and whippin' something out pretty quick.

Sooooo....here you go!

The Coach Purses are goin out...Note the size. Apparently it's indicative of how many kids you have...the more the kids, the bigger the purse. :) Hee hee..

And the ladies!
Now, if you'll excuse us, we need to figure out WHERE we're goin! Adios! and good night!


Charlotte Hoffner said...

hahahaha on the purses.....hope you ladies had fun!!

Dad said...

Would not be surprised if a future Coach ad were to spring from that pic and narrative! Love you.

Anabelle said...

So fun! And how great that we stayed out past 10! Yeah, we rock! Can't wait for next month :)

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