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Friday, May 13, 2011

Apparently she pays attention.

Let me just say that the list of photos in this post is ridiculously long. I know. But the thing is, once I realized what she was doing, I really wanted to see just how far she'd take it. So I just kept snapping photos step, by step, by step.

I'd also like to preface this post by saying that I have NEVER seen her do this before. (To this extent, anyway.) My jaw was pretty much on the floor. And all the while, I'm watching her thinking to myself, "hmm...3 girls might not have been so bad!"

So apologies up front about the numerous photos, but truth be told, as I was watching her go through this little routine, I was fully anticipating years from now being able to pull out my blog book when Hunter turns 14 and claims "inability" to do chores...I can see it now. "Really Hunter? Well you managed to do it, and MORE when you were just 2 and you learned it all by yourself. So I'm pretty sure you can do ____ now. "

Ah ha ha!! A parental bag of tricks...

So the kids were done eating lunch (on their awesome activity trays I got them not long ago.) Shortly after they had all finished eating, I notice Little Miss Suzie Homemaker collecting all the bowls and spoons from the trays in the living room....She's picked up bowls before and brought them to us but what she did on this occasion totally astounded me. So take a little picture walk with me...

She collected all the bowls but needed to stop midway to readjust, as they were slipping from her hands.
Getting a better grip...
Up she goes! Into the kitchen...
At this point I was expecting her to turn to me and say "Mama Bowls?" But she did not. That little lady walked right over to the dishwasher, set down her bowls and opened it up. (Honestly. I don't even know how she knows that is something we clean bowls in! She is so observant it's scary.
She gets it all the way open and plans her strategy.
She realizes it will be easier if she puts the spoons away first. So she grabs one..
And puts it where it goes.
Then gets another one and puts it where it goes.
The she goes for the 3rd one ....
And puts it with the other two.


Now she must put the bowls in. So she grabs the first bowl...
And decides that they should go in the bottom rack.
But quickly changes her mind and decides they belong on the top rack. So she pulls it out and puts the first bowl in.
Then she goes back for the 2nd bowl,
And places it on the top rack also. (So what that they're face up, right?)
Then she gets the 3rd bowl and brings it around...
And tosses it (yes, almost literally that time) onto the top rack.
As you can see, she is signing that she's "all done."
So she pushes it back in

And closes it up!
And then she claps for herself. (My favorite part.)

After all that, we washed her greasy little hands and the braniac realized there were no handtowels hanging on the cabinet doors. So she walked over to where I keep them. (HOW DOES SHE KNOW THEY'RE THERE? Seriously??)
So she opens the drawer, reaches in blindly and grabs an orange towel.
(I helped her finagle the child lock so she could hang it.)
Ta Da!
Oh no, she's not stopping there! She needs another one for the other door, apparently.
Doesn't like the first one she picked...so she goes in for more.

(But she puts back the ones she didn't want!!!)
Then she heads to the cabinet to hang it.
Hip Hip Hooray!
AND AS IF THAT WEREN'T ENOUGH, she goes BACK to the living room and begins to stack their trays, cuz she knows full well Mama aint gonna let em stay there...
going for #3.
Ta Da! One, two three!

And then she brings them outside cuz that's where I usually wash them.
Because none of those tasks was ever explicitly taught to her, I was just completely stunned at what she accomplished 'just by watching'. Amazing. The boys could care less. Wow! Wow! Wow! Go Hunter!

Now, let's talk about this little button of magic! You guys are amazing! Thanks for all the votes of happiness! We appreciate them so much! Vote again, if you like!


Amy said...

Do you think maybe that little jewel can come teach my teenagers???:) She is far better at it than they are!

Mary said...

She is amazing...you better watch out, now you know just how observant she is! I can't wait to hear what she will tell her future teachers about stuff that goes on at home!

Courtney said...

Been lurking for awhile now; love reading about you and your family. But I must ask, where did you get those activity trays??? They are too cute!

Erin said...

Oh how cute! She reminds me so much of my daughter it made me smile! Finley loves to help clean up. She always puts all her clothes in the hamper and brings her and her sisters forks and plates to the sink for me. Funny how they just learn to do these things. Her sister could care less about helping at all!

Where did you get those trays too btw? I love them!

Ami said...

Ladies, the trays are from toys r us. They're just $9.99! Glad to have you as readers! Finley is such a cute name!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Awesome!!!!!!!! That's when girls are the best.. and her age is the best!!! :)

So glad Blogger is working again... was thinking it was me or that I was on vacation and it was forcing me not to post. ;)

Brian said...

She is going to be such a good wife to my Jaxon :)Now I better start teaching him to clean up too and to say, "Yes Honey. Whatever you want. You're right."

Tim and Darcy said...

Can you send Hunter to my house, please???

Auntie Val said...

So Cute Ami..She definitely pays attention. She always likes to help when we are there babysitting. Actually, like I have said to you before. You really don't need us to watch them. Hunter has it ALL under control. Even the bedtime routine. Exactly when you said to get their jammies on (okay, maybe a few minutes later because we were having so much fun)...Hunter brought the jammies and diapers to me and got the boys corraled for bedtime. Too funny.

Jen said...

Wow! She is amazing! And she looks more and more like her mommy every day :)

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