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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


All for one and one for all.

This is our motto. Well, it's their motto.

It's probably one of the things I love the most about having triplets. They are so aware of each other and even on days when they seemingly hate each other, they always, always, always love each other. And if one is not with the others, oh yeah, it's a problem.

We spent most of the day outside playing in the sandbox, the rocks, the playhouse, the wagon, the water, etc. At one point, Colton, Hunter and I hopped up onto the trampoline and I zipped us in. Ethan, at the moment was inside the house, just out of sight (though the door WAS open). Well Hunter simply could not relax. She stood there at the zipped entrance and cried. And she called for him and cried some more. Then she looked at me as if to say, "You did this. You left him in there. GO get him!" And so, with my louder voice, I called for him. And the moment he peeked his little head around the corner, she smiled and clapped. And yes, he joined us for 40 minutes of jump time.

Another study in triplet-love can always be seen in the trampoline. They copy each other, jump together, chase each other, tumble all over each other, push each other down and then help each other up. And if I may say so, the CUTEST thing I have ever seen is when they take it upon themselves to hold hands in a circle and jump. (This usually happens when I begin singing "ring around the rosy", but sometimes, they just do it on their own.) Talk about melting my heart...

So it's always fun watching them interact. I often let them fight and make up on their own, without intervening because it's fascinating to watch how they figure stuff out and solve their own problems. Adorable...

Anyhoo, today's outside adventures ended when I filled 3 bowls with water and set them in the rocks. Each in their own different way, they dropped rocks and sticks into the water and stirred them, and dumped them out.

The activity ended when C & H copied Ethan and dumped their water bowls, rocks and all, all over their shirts and pants. That's when I intervened, peeling wet clothes off chilly babies. (er, toddlers.)

So here are some pictures of our outdoor rock adventures.


The Alexanders said...

so fun! at what point did your kiddos stop putting the rocks into their mouths??? I am really hoping that the winter has somehow fixed this problem for us!!!

Sarah said...

love the fun activity! that is almost as fun as henry's favorite activity... finding dropped cheerios on the kitchen floor ;) btw those look suspiciously like cwe chairs in the background of one of those pics!

Ami said...

Stacey, from time to time they'll still sneak a rock in their mouths, but not often. They're pretty good about not doing that anymore..Sarah, they look suspiciously like them, cuz they ARE them! Gettin' ready for the birthday bonanza! They were there last year too! Fortunately, they clash with all my home decor, so I have no interest in stealing them! :)

Sarah said...

hee hee ;) i didn't think you'd WANT them, i just thought it was funny! can't wait for the par-tay! henry is excited to go to his very first birthday party, although, technically he was there last year too ;)

Anabelle said...

Oh Sarah beat me to the chair comment! I find that hilarious!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

I love how your daughter is always stylin' when playing outside. Go girl and go mama! :)

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