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Monday, March 14, 2011

I went all Supernanny on 'em..

So, let's just say that if we were keeping score today, it would be
Hunter-3, Ethan-1

We are a mere 9 days from knockin' on the door of the "terrible twos" as most everyone likes to tell me. (As if there is some tiny bit of pleasure gained knowing that I will be dealing with the terrible twos, the terribler twos and the terriblest twos.)

Yeah, yeah, I get it.

Most days I just let people revel in their righteousness, ( though I often disagree.)
But today? Dammit, they were right.

Today, for the first time in almost 2 years, I actually used timeouts.
4 times!
That's right. I went all Supernanny on their little behinds.

Now that I think about it, I'm not really sure why it took so long to use timeouts.
But by God, Jo Frost would be proud of me.
I watched most episodes.
I payed attention.
And today, I found my own "naughty corner" (which I'll be honest, is a description so corny I can't bring myself to use it in real life.)
So we'll call it the timeout corner. Yeah. That's better.

Anyway, there was just something in the air today.
Sibling rivalry, jealousy, frustration, anger and itty bitty tempers.

And there was biting.
And here I thought we were done with the biting. Not so much, apparently.

The chaos began with Hunter taking a ferocious bite out of Ethan's left shoulder.

And at that moment as he struggled to catch his breath enough to even cry, something in me went all Supernanny on her. I grabbed her, brought her to the corner, sat her down and said
"Hunter, you are in timeout because you bit Ethan."

And then I left her there. For 2. whole. minutes. (of which she cried the entire time, but surprisingly never tried to get out of).

And then I went over to her (got down to eye level) and said "Hunter, you were in timeout because you bit your brother. You hurt Ethan. Are you sorry?"

And then she hugged me and I hugged and kissed her and all was good again.

Well, until she bit his right shoulder.
So back she went into timeout. Let me make a long story short. She went back there 2 more times today.

And then, Ethan got his revenge.
In a moment of total frustration and anger, he flippin bit her on the cheek.
Trust me, I know she doesn't look bothered by it, but this photo was taken hours later. Charlotte saw it. She was one unhappy little thing. And Ethan? Yeah, he visited the corner too.

So today was a good day, with a few bad moments. But all in all, let's just say that today, Supernanny would've been proud.


gramma said...

okay ami, i always wondered where the "timeout" corner was in your house and i guess the bottom step was not it. now i know. but by the time i go back to "work (which is not really work) you will have them all out of the terrible biting stage and i thank you for that. love, mom

Charlotte Hoffner said...

Jo Frost would be VERY proud of you! You were stern but not mean, they knew you meant business! I think the time out corner is a great idea and of course making them apologize to their victim is also important. If you stick to it, it WILL work.
PS....i never thought the twos were so terrible but the 3's well, YIKES!! Lol

Mary said...

And when I put her in time out, you had to tell me not to talk to her...as I am not much of a super nanny watcher...what a sad face she had in that time out corner.

Sarah said...

good for you! i LOVE supernanny! :)

Anabelle said...

Those are THE. LONGEST. TWO. minutes EVER! We have kicking, screaming, flailing, stomping, crying, yelling. Yeah. Good times. Let's hope they learned their lesson and won't see the time out corner again. Good for Colton not getting in trouble!

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