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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One Photo. Five Words.

(I know I posted this on FB already today, but seriously, there aint too many times in a day (or week or month) you see your babies holding each other's hands.) A week away from turning 2...wow. Are they cute or what..)


butterflymama said...

They certainly are cute! You're one lucky mama!!

The Alexanders said...

love the words you picked, and those little kiddos could not be any cuter!

Auntie Val said...

I have to say I think this is one of the cutest pictures ever! Says it all! And I love the sunglasses on Hunter, the hat on Colton and Ethan with no shoes. Typical of each. How adorable!

Grampy Sam said...

That photo is now my laptop's wallpaper. But you left out a sixth applicable word -- precious! Love, Grampy Sam

Tim and Darcy said...

Just one long word.......LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!

Mary said...

Hunter is the little mommy...taking charge of her brothers : ) It was pretty cute to see that!

Faith said...

This picture gets me coked up...amazing!!!

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