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Monday, March 7, 2011

I miss..

Y'all know I love my kids more than life itself.
That said, there ARE days when sit back, exhausted, fondly remembering and slightly longing for "the way it was.." Our lives 'BC' (before children) as Brian puts it.
It's not often...but it does happen.
So let me break it down for you.
Here are things I (sometimes) miss.

I MISS....

...the days when I was the only one making messes in the house.

... the days when the living room(kitchen, hallway,etc.) stayed clean for longer than 43 seconds.

....the days when tupperware was used for, well, tupperware and didn't have to be inspected for dog hair before use.

...the days when Brad Pitt and George Clooney were my onscreen heroes...not Buzz and Woody.

...not having "Meeska Mooska Mickeeey Mouse" running through my head all day.

...being able to eat HOT food at restaurants. Or anywhere, really.

...times when finding a good restaurant was actually based on food quality and not highchair quantity.

...getting through Target FAST.

...brushing 28 teeth, not 64.

...being able to open cupboards quickly without being stopped dead in my tracks by child safety locks.

...not having to dodge squeaky toys in the shower.

...vacuuming every day because I WANTED to, not because I NEEDED to.

...being able to "run" to walgreens (Target, Safeway, Bank, Post Office, you-name-it.)

...being able to lie on the couch. Alone. Without having my hair pulled, fingers in my nose, kids using me for a jungle gym.

And that will be enough for my first installment. :)

But I'll end it with this. One thing I DON'T miss is wishing desperately that someday I'd be a mom. And I LOVE that I now have these things to miss...cuz that just means I made it! And boy did I hit the jackpot!

(And sorry about the tight deadline! Kinda came awfully close on this one...)


The Alexanders said...

I totally know the feeling! The other day we left the fellas with my sister and it was such a treat for John and I to BOTH go in to pick out a movie, I honestly don;t know the last time I went into blockbuster!!!

Anabelle said...

I miss sitting at a meal without having to get up a million times to pick up a sippy cup or fork or getting up to refill the sippy cup 2-3 times becuase he really wanted apple juice instead of milk or water like he asked first. But I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Tim and Darcy said...

AMEN!!! Couldn't of said it better!!!

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