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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh. My. Word.

This was not at all the blog I had planned for tonight, but as I was surfing on my own blog, I came across the post I wrote when Ethan and Hunter came home...followed by Colton a week later. It took my breath away to see these photos and remember just how teeny, tiny they once were.

Okay...so these were when they were REALLY TEENY TINY.....11 weeks old. Amazing...
What's harder to believe is that Doctors honestly expected us to "reduce our pregnancy to twins" even after seeing them all together in this photo and on this day.
Um. No. I don't think so.
Those three little hearts were beating inside me, and that is where they would stay!

But really, it was these photos that stopped me in my mama tracks.
Seems like just yesterday....

Honestly, I can't believe they let us take her home so little.
She was 3lbs. 8oz. when she came home after 3 weeks in the NICU.
And now....almost 2 years old....about 22 lbs. (maybe)

Ethan Bear was 4 lbs. 2 oz. when he came home after 3 weeks in the NICU!
Can't get enough of those skinny minny arms and legs!
And now...all grown up! 24 lbs..ish

And teeny tiny Colton.. (and teeny tiny me, right?) after 4 weeks in the NICU. About 4 lbs. 14 oz when he came home.
No itty bitty boys here anymore!! He's about 25-26 pounds.
I know that was not the most entertaining post I could've done, but wow...I just wanted to share that with you all. Life is amazing.


The Alexanders said...

oh my goodness...I may have to do a post like this in the near future!!!

Charlotte Hoffner said...

That was VERY entertaining!! Oh how I remember all the sonograms and photos of the Bunchkins. The stress of them wanting you to reduce. ugh! The tears, the anger and finally the decision "NO!" Yahooooooo! You can definitely look at those three faces and know you made the best decision of your life!!

Dad/Grampy Sam said...

What is most important is that your decision to protect all three of the babies was not based on some assurance that all three would be completely healthy and otherwise "normal." You were protecting them regardless of whether or not "everything was going to be OK." Your love was, is and will always be unconditional. Thank you for that.

Mary said...

They didn't seem so small at the time...hard to believe!

Tim and Darcy said...

Are you kidding...you ARE tiny. You look GREAT in that picture!!! I wish I was that put together now! Lol!

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