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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Skydivin' Sunday!

So if you've ever wondered if people ever just 'wake up' one morning and decide they want to go skydiving, the answer is yes. (Well, maybe the night before, but close enough.)

Saturday night, after an awesomely exhausting day doing a fundraising climb up 'A Mountain' in honor of our friend Kim Conca, (which I will post pictures of tomorrow, but you can check out now at Dave's blog,) I get a call from my mom.

Mom: "Hi! Want to come watch me sky dive tomorrow?"
Me: (in my head) What? Do I want to watch you "High Five" tomorrow?"
Me: (out loud) What?
Mom: Tomorrow morning, I'm going sky diving. Want to come watch?"

Well it aint every day your mother says she's going to jump out of a plane. On purpose. So of course I was going to watch. And yes, I'm starting to feel a tiny bit guilty about the fact that I brought Hunter, again, and not the boys, but she's just so darn obedient and well behaved. And there was no telling what those boys might've done in an open field for what turned out to be about 4 hours!

So anyhoo, off we went! I'll be honest, I halfway expected her to freak out at the last minute, but she was a champ! She lived it up, for sure!!
Hunter and I hanging out, waiting.
Her baby was so messy, so she grabbed a wipe and starting cleaning her face and hands.

Hanging with Aunt Mary

This is not what it looks like. :)
I realize that she appears to be 'dancing around a pole', but it was so much more innocent than that. Well, mostly.

But I'm not gonna lie. Mary and I laughed at this one.
Hunter LOVED watching all the people land! She was pointing and would say, "Look", followed by "Oh wow!"
Getting suited up.

The ride to 13,000 feet

Me and Hunter watching for Gramma to land...
There she is!

Whew! She's safe!
I believe she is saying, "YAHOOOO!" Or perhaps, "Holy S@#T!"
"Hooray Grammy!"
And you know that moment when a military wife runs to her soldier after what's been forever? Yeah. Well this was that moment, only it was Hunter and Grammy and it had only been about 10 minutes. :) But still, watch the sequence of 4 pictures. It was So cute!

Thank you to Adam, her awesome instructor!
Another CHECK on the ol' bucket list!
Mom, Mary, Me, Hunter

It's hard work being 2.
Good night princess.
(She's dreaming about the day when she's big enough to go skydiving!)


Sarah said...

fully impressed with your mom! she is quite a lady! :)

Anabelle said...

It's official... your mom IS crazy! I'm impressed.

Mary said...

Hunter definitely made everyone's day that was out there watching the jumpers. To see Hunter running toward her in person was just too adorable! Pretty impressed with my mom!

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