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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Problem Solvers Unite!

The best things can often be seen from one's hiding spot behind the curtains. (Yes, that would be me.) So here's the story. One thing I am incredibly proud of, as it pertains to my kids, is how much they genuinely care about each other and how much they genuinely ENJOY playing together. That's not to say that playing together doesn't often end with someone crying, cuz it does. But still, on this particular day, I was literally beaming with pride.

Let's face it. There are some benefits to growing up with 2 other friends. What's that they say? 2 heads are better than 1? Ah yes. Well then I say 3 heads are better than 2! Just look at the teamwork here...

I'm standing in the house, watching from behind the curtain, and this is what I see...

3 babies in their wagon, with no one to pull them anywhere. (I know it looks like Colton is looking right at me, but I think he's really just looking my direction to see if I'm going to come pull them. )
Naturally, part of me wants to run right out there and pull them around, but another part of me wanted to see what they would do if I didn't....

And just like that, little people started working together.

See how they're all moving around?
So first, Hunter takes the lead. And poor little, tiny bird, she tried with all her might to pull them and she made it a couple inches before they had bigger, better plans.

"Hunter, since you pulled us, we'll pull you now." (Really people? Is this not the cutest?)
COLTON: "Okay Ethan, now you get back in and I'll pull both of you."
ETHAN: "Good job brother! Now I'll pull YOU guys!"

Do ya see the distraught look on Colton's face?Pretty sure what he's trying to say here is "MOM! We've been working at this for half and hour and we haven't moved an inch! Get out here and pull us! "
Enter Mommy. :)

*Sigh*...my babies are growing up.
And I have front row seats!
(which are behind the curtain, of course). :)


Tim and Darcy said...

That is the sweetest thing ever! Mine usually fight over who is going to pull...everyone loves to be in charge! Lol!

The Alexanders said...

that is freaking adorable!!! I love that in the first picture it looks as though he is looking right at you, like I said, adorable! We got the boys that same wagon for Christmas and I can't wait to pull them around in it...just need all the snow to melt!!

Sarah said...

that is too freakin' cute!

Charlotte Hoffner said...

I love those super smart Bunchkin babies!! How absolutely adorable are they!!?? Soak it all in Ami (and Brian)! Give big hugs and kisses from Charlotte!

Lofgren Family said...

I love how each one of them took a turn trying to pull the others. Your little Bunchkins are simply too sweet for words. They must take after their mommy! :)

Mary said...

That never would have happened with Aunt Mary around...I would have pulled them, they know I'm a sucker! Good thing you let them figure it out...so cute!

Joelee said...

I LOVE it! Just think of all of the 'problems' they will be solving together as they grow - so stinkin' CUTE!!!

Auntie Val said...

This is the cutest blog ever!!! I have to say that I would be right there with Mary! Ami,you are so good about giving them the space to figure things out (from behind the curtain...behind the scenes!) Go Bunchkins!!! So stinkin' cute!!! ;)

Grampa Sam said...

Ami, from behind the curtain you simply are the Wizard of AHHs! This is an adorable posting. Love you all.

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