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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tree Removin' Triplets

So it must be said. It is the simplest things that amuse me, make me smile and cause me to take a step back and revel in that which is my life. I've said this before, but if I had a nickel every time someone told me "I have my hands full," I could easily put the Bunchkins through college long before they even get to Kindergarten. And the funny thing is, to me, my hands don't really feel all that full. But my heart, oh yeah....it's overflowing.

Things that are usually quite mundane get new life breathed into them when seen through the eyes of 3 almost-2-year-olds. Digging up a tree for instance. Trust me when I say I've watched Brian do yard work many a time before this time. And well, it's, just that-yard work. But when suddenly I peek outside and see the curious looks on my kids' faces as their dad digs up a whole bunch of dirt, well suddenly, my heart gets all happy again.

Why is that, I wonder? Partly because I look at them, even as they teeter on the cusp of becoming 2 year olds and I think about how long I waited for them. I have not forgotten that pain. Following some of my favorite "Infertility Friends'" blogs, I am constantly reminded of the gift I was finally given. Those are my peeps. My little tiny peeps. And I grew them! And now, 2 years later, I am loving every minute of watching them watch their dad. I can see the wheels turn as they try to make sense of what he's doing.
And perhaps my favorite part is that my little girl is helping her dad dig up a tree in pink polka dot shoes with flowers on the toes. A girl never sacrifices fashion. She's learned well.

She already rocks the double piggies of power, so today I was trying out the single 'Po.' (which looked a ton cuter BEFORE nap time.)
Equally mesmerized is Colton...Ethan didn't much care for this job, so he hung with me for a while.
But hey, even a mom's gotta have some fun, right? Getting down and dirty with Bunchkin Duty.

Now these two? They would've stayed out their in that big ol' dirt hole all day if we let 'em!

I believe what he was saying here was, "Whatchoo talkin bout Willis?"
Dusting off the dirt on her pants....such a good girl.

But really. All good things must come to an end. A perfectly calm play date in the dirt can come to a screeching halt when Mama spots a big ol' hairy spider! Adios Senor Spider. We best be on our way now! And that's another weekend at the Bunch house...

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The Alexanders said...

Super cute...until that massive spider...I actually got goosebumps!

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