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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Bouncing Bunchkins & a Christmas Finale

Trust me. I do realize that we are rapidly approaching a month since it was ACTUALLY Christmas, but life has been...busy! So I think you'll all be pleased to know that this entry is the final installment of the Bunch Family Christmas! With all the "Christmases before Christmases", it was kind of nice to wake up on the 25th in our own home, with our own gifts and stockings, etc.!

Unfortunately for us, by this point, after having several rounds of gift opening under their belts, they really were not all that excited about having to open a whole other round of presents! (Clearly, these are not MY kids!) It was one of those days where the first gift that gets opened is the only that gets played with. Brian and I more or less found ourselves opening presents FOR them and doing our very best to entice them to want to play with each new item! Yeah....not so much. But that's okay, it was still fun to watch them play with new toys, and it's ALWAYS fun to watch them play together.

This photo is what happens when three stockings throw up on the floor!
And wouldn't you know it's the 2 boys who spent forever playing in the pink Little People house, while Hunter busied herself with one of her brothers' Tonka Trucks?

Now Hunter is helping me open my stocking, and what did she find?
Purple Nail Polish!!

Disregard her bed head....
And then....after days of "hiding" it in the backyard and doing everything in our power to avoid the kids seeing it prematurely, Grampa Sam came over Christmas morning for the great unveiling of his gift to the Bunchkins....a TRAMPOLINE! And thank you to Charlotte and Dale Hoffner for helping us secure a trampoline and even deliver it to my house! You guys rock!
Now folks, I've always thought trampolines were fun, but as a parent of triplets I'd now like to amend that statement- "TRAMPOLINES are pure GENIUS!"
Of course, I realize they could get hurt, but so far (knock on wood) no injuries have occurred! They run, they jump, they bounce, they roll, they dance, and they CAN'T FALL OUT! I am in heaven. It's like a giant pack and play!
All it takes, at least twice a day is for me to utter the words, "Wanna go outside and jump?" and instantly, 3 babies are literally running for the door! So fun!!

Here is Grampa Sam getting in on the action!
Yeah, we didn't let him off that easy! We, of course, made him get IN the trampoline!

It's days like this, that it becomes especially nice to live in a place where you can go outside and enjoy a trampoline on CHRISTMAS DAY!!

But after a hard morning of jumping, let's just say, SOME of the babies were too tired to even wake up from lunch to get cleaned up...Good night Ethan Bear.

And that, my friends, is Christmas 2010!

Thanks to everyone for making our holidays such fun!


The Alexanders said...

OH MY GOODNESS...SO. MUCH. FUN!!! Your little kiddos are totally adorable bouncing their little hearts out! I love it!

Tim and Darcy said...

DITTO to everything said above!!! We NEED one of those!!! We also need a bigger backyard first!!! Total cuteness!!! :)

Mary said...

I love that part of my day with the Bunchkins is jumping on the trampoline! They are too cute : ) They are pretty impressed watching their mom practice her old cheerleading jumps in there...: )

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