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Friday, January 7, 2011

It's still Christmas!

Christmas this year was almost a week long event! Who can argue with that? You'd think the kiddos would've been pros at the whole "opening gifts" thing, but yeah, not so much! Anyhoo, Christmas Part 3 this year took us up to the Phoenix Area to be with Nana and Papa Bunch and Auntie Kristen! (And Kirby the Wonder Dog.) It's funny, because we've actually gotten really good at downsizing (or at least condensing) what we bring on road trips, but by looking at this photo, you totally wouldn't know it! Poor Brian, kinda like a pack mule! But do you see how excited Colton is to be here?
As a special treat, GGB (Great Gramma Bunch) was here to spend the day with us! I know 3 babies can seem overwhelming at times, but I'll tell you what, GGB seemed to really enjoy watching the Bunchkins...and I know they loved seeing her! There's something so heartwarming about photos like these because I think about how my kids will look at them 30 years from now, and remember their Great Gramma!
Peanut Pants...perfecting the art of being cute.
Copy Cat Cutie

Lunch time! (In case you are like me and are staring at this photo trying to figure out what is going on on Hunter's face...Yeah, it's a mandarin orange cup.)

Perhaps one of our favorite things about Nana and Papa's house is THE GREEN GRASS! The kids love playing in it!

After play time, it was nap time and color coded present wrapping time! (Have I ever told anyone how much I LOVE wrapping presents? I really do...weird huh?)
Hugs for Papa
Kisses for Hunter

Looking at all the pretty ornaments!
Little People Nativity!

Ethan and GGB
And it was right about this moment that one of the kids pushed SOME button on my camera that changed all the settings to I DON'T KNOW WHAT! Aaah!

How fun though....who knew I could take black and white photos? Too bad they're blurry!
And then it was PRESENT time!

Yes, that is a dustpan and mini sweeper...i told you the kids LOVE cleaning! They each got their own sweeper AND mop!!

Thanks, Nana!
Bunchkins or Merry Maid.s

And then we were ready for our fancy dinner!
This is absolutely hysterical...it would be more so if you could see Brian's face. He does this twisty face thing where he makes the left side of his mouth go up and the right side go down...Well, Colton is trying to mimic that! So cute!
Love how they entertain themselves!

This hutch became a source of great entertainment! Because it's EMPTY! So it's really a fort!

Brian making Great Gramma Daniels' Treasure Island Salad (which is a jello salad.) I was quite proud of him, seeing as I'VE never even made it!

Playtime with Auntie Kristen

More cleaning to do...
More playtime with Auntie Kristen!

And then it's time to play with all our new toys!
And as you will see, none of the kids is tied to typical gender specific toys...

Ethan pushing his baby doll...(okay, it's hunter's doll and stroller)

Colton's turn...that baby was hungry, I guess.

There are no words to describe how much I love this outfit Hunter has on. Really. A tutu with leggings? Piggy tails? Pink shirt? Pink Converse? Bows in her hair even?
Thank GOD Baby C was a girl!

And yes, we remembered the Adirondack Chairs that were in the garage so the babies could watch...you guessed it...Toy Story 3!
And I guess that marks the end of Christmas Part 3! As always, it's fun to travel, fun to make new memories and fun to have Christmas at Nana and Papa's house! Can't wait till next year!


The Alexanders said...

I totally love wrapping presents too...I should have added that to the list!!! Looks like you guys had an awesome part three to your Christmas!

Hillary said...

Aw your kids are adorable! And I LOVE the cute Christmas jammies :)

Ami, thanks so much for your comments and support on my blog. xoxox

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