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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Super Duper Hula Hooper!

(Otherwise known as "AUNT MARY!" )

That's right. Today, I learned something new about my sister. I always knew she was talented. I always knew she was athletic, and smart, and pretty and hardworking, and bossy...(she'll tell you so herself). But today, I learned that she is a freakin rockstar Hula Hooper!

(This is Mary and Ethan on stage waiting for the second round to begin.)

She and I teach Kindergarten together at the same school. Today, we had a school wide assembly where the students got to watch EVERY staff member compete in a hula hooping contest until it was determined who the "Super Duper Hula Hooper" of the school was.

Well, she had been telling us that she would win the "kindergarten" contest and we pretty much believed her, (but mostly just because the rest of pretty much stink at it). But then, in the final round, she took on about 10 others in a hoop-off where she stood there being cheered on by her kindergartners, the rest of our Kinder team and.....the Bunchkins. Yes, I brought the Bunchkins to be entertained for a little while and they were very excited to be a part of the 700 other kids cheering and clapping to the music!

But let me just tell you what an amazing hula hooper she was...I'm not kidding, she barely moved her hips at all, (which made it clear to me why I am so bad.... I'm pretty much spastic with my technique.) At one point, it was kinda like watching water boil....seemed like it could go on forever! But in the end, she was the winner!! Impressive, Aunt Mary, impressive!

This is probably a good place to say what a great school I work at and what wonderful people I work with! These people were with me through my entire triplet pregnancy and can I just tell you how much it warms my heart that everyone just scoops my kids up, chases them around, colors with them, and loves them just as if they were their own.

After my school day was over, (which is a half day for me) I asked my principal if it would be okay if I brought the Bunchkins back to enjoy the hula hooping. As always, she was so sweet, "Of COURSE the bunchkins can come!" I love these people...It was like having dozens and dozens of Aunts around...when it was my turn to get up on stage to hula hoop, I no more than glanced around and two first grade teachers and even our P.E. Teacher, Mr. Peck, had already come and scooped up my babies so that I could go on stage. So a big thanks to all of you for helping keep track of my babies....Jill, Cathy, Charlotte, Maggie, Jen, Chris, Dawn, Thad Dave...(did I miss any of you?) You guys rock!

Mary has more pictures on her camera of actual hula hooping in progress, but Jen Lofgren took these great photos of us...So enjoy these from our big day out!

Colton, Aunt Mary, Hunter, Me, Ethan
Colton...now this kid knows how to enjoy him some hula hoopin!
Me and 2/3 of the Bunchkins

Maggie, Hunter, Me and Ethan
He must've been upset that the contest was over
Thanks everyone! And way to go Aunt Mary!!


Dad said...

Nice job Mary T. "Bossy"? I cannot imagine what Ami is talking about. :) Love you all.

Mary said...

I have to admit that even when I was watching the video I couldn't believe how little I was moving...weird! I MAY own a t-shirt that says "i'm the boss." It was my 3 good luck charms that inspired me : )

Mom said...

you go girl. like mother like daughter. let's have a hoop off. Soooo proud. love, mom

Nicole said...

Oh Mary...the woman of so many talents. Way to go!!

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