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Friday, December 3, 2010


I'd be willing to bet you never knew how much fun a stool could be. I sure didn't. Until tonight. Watching my boys play peek-a-boo with eachother through the rungs was so darn cute! Please love the tippy toes...And yes, I realize that once again, they are not wearing pants. :)

But what's cuter than 2 boys playing peek-a-boo through a stool? 3 babies looking at their own photos in their Photo Albums made by their "Auntie Renae." Let me just say thank you once again to my friend and former coworker, Renae, who recently moved away....Knowing that I am not a scrapbooker, she offered to make each baby's scrapbook of their first year of life. The books are amazing, and not until just today had the babies ever shown any interest in them.

But they were totally captivated by the numerous pictures of themselves, and they turned page after page, smiling at their goofy selves. SO CUTE! Renae, thank you once again for these memories. You have given us a gift that I could not have given...we appreciate it.


Dad said...

So, Ami, what is your point re the boys' attire? Doesn't every guy enjoy wearing no pants in his own house?!? :)

Mary said...

It was so fun watching them look at those books! They were occupied for a good half hour...Ami, you may have to make a trip to Georgia to see Renae for their 2nd year of life.

And the peekaboo game was too funny...love that Colton needed his shoes on, but no pants : )

Sarah said...

i am loving ethan's tippy toes! wow! :)

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