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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Alas! The Snowflakes are Here!

Finally! iPhoto is speaking to blogger again! :) Woo hoo! So every year right at Thanksgiving time, my in-laws and I make crafts or ornaments so I'm always on the lookout for a creative new project. Well this time, I stumbled upon one that looked way too complicated at first glance. But after reading the directions (novel idea, eh?) I decided that it was completely do-able!

We modified the project to our liking, varying the paper and sizes and if I may say so, they came out great! Unfortunately, they look a million times better in person than in any of these photos, but oh well...you get the idea!

If you want to make your own, go to this link:

From there, you will also be able to find the link to make the first snowflake! Super duper fun! We used that sturdy scrapbook paper that's double-sided for a different effect, and we probably should've used thinner strips for the 5 x 5 one, but hey, live and learn right? (Also, just thought I'd mention that we used a hot glue gun sparingly to put ours together because then you're able to work and finish one much faster.)

More ornaments for the Bunchkins

Don't we look intense?
As you might imagine...the Littles really wanted to help. They didn't. :)

Hanging in the kitchen
Now, this one's for my friends Moira and Paige. I walked past the bathroom and saw Kristen brushing her teeth which made me seize the moment! (There's no better incentive to get the babies to brush their teeth like an adult they can watch!) So I handed out toothbrushes and Aunt Kristen gave awesome dental hygiene training to the Bunchkins!

You should've seen the mimicking going on. Hunter is actually really good at brushing her teeth!

One on one training with Hunter
With Colton...
And with Ethan!

So the adults had our craft time, and now it was time for the babies to do arts and crafts! I pushed their high chairs up to the table, taped pieces of white paper in front of each of them, and then handed out the crayons! They created beautiful masterpieces!
Colton was inspired by the colors in his shirt.
Dainty Ethan
Pretty in Purple, Pink, Red...

Look at those beautiful works of art!

What to do when you're done drawing?
Pick your nose, of course.

And then on to Dad's craft...installing locks on the laundry room door and the pantry door. Hunter wanted to help.
"Not sure how I feel about this, dad. How will I eat dog food if the door is locked?"
Exactly, Hunter. Exactly.

The End!


cara said...

Well done on the snowflakes, they're really pretty!

House Revivals said...

Your stars turned out great -- great idea to use hot glue!

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