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Monday, December 6, 2010

Boys will be Boys

It's 9:49 pm and our Sunday night is coming to a pleasant end. The glass of wine to my left is keeping me company as I continue my blog streak (going on 36 days straight! Woo hoo!) Today was one of those busy days (okay, who am I kidding, ever since March 23rd 2009, when I gave birth to 3 babies in 3 minutes, they've ALL been busy days, but you know what I mean.)

We went to Phoenix (well, Chandler) today. I was going to go alone, but at the very last minute, the hubster decided that we would all go because he did not want me driving alone with a newly apparent engine light on. Such a good hubby. And I'm not gonna lie. Even though it's like a BILLION times more work to travel with the trio, I always enjoy the company. And, I stink big time at driving at night. I admittedly have the worst night vision ever. So I was glad to have the company.

The problem is that I was going up to Chandler to do my cousin-in-law Bethany's training show for her new Premier Jewelry Business. Did you get that? Jewelry? And Brian was coming along. Though he demanded that he come along for the drive, he also demanded that he not sit through a jewelry party. I suppose that's fair. After plans with an old motor buddy fell through he and cousin Jacob opted to take a guy's trip to Bass Pro Shop. Which meant, a little boys' trip too! That's right. Hunter now has two jewelry parties under her belt and she quite enjoys just "Hanging with the girls." But the boys, well, they had BOY stuff to do. Stuff like look at giant fish, climb the bridge over and over and over and over, pet a bear (stuffed) (Not like Build-a-Bear Stuffed, but rather 'someone-killed-a-bear-and-had-it-stuffed' stuffed.) And did some general boy store exploration.

Luckily, Brian knows me well enough to know that I would've wanted pictures from their outing, so he snapped a few on his cellphone camera. Such a good husband. So while we ladies bedazzled ourselves, the boys did boy stuff. Here are 2 pictures from their outing. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Have a great day!

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