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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh Christmas Trees, Oh Christmas Trees...

Yes, I said it-TREES. Plural, cuz that's what we saw. Lots and lots of Christmas Trees. Okay, so for several years now, we have had a "fake" tree. For several reasons really, this is quite beneficial...The kids can't really destroy it, it's much cleaner than a real tree, you don't have to water it or worry about the dog drinking all the tree water, etc. Furthermore, it makes even more sense this year because of the 3 little people who I venture to guess would be very interested in "tasting" pine needles if they existed in our house.

But luckily, Mary and my mom still get real trees. It's the experience of going and finding the "perfect tree" that I just love! For the past I don't know how many years, we've gotten our trees at Camino Seco and Broadway at the Dutchman Tree Lot. It is owned and run by family members of a guy on Brian's Squad. Everyone working there is super friendly and helpful! Go support their family business and get your trees from them! (Furthermore, if you do, ask for the Donation Box. We're collecting donations for a very special little girl (and friend) who happens to be the same age as the Bunchkins. Her family recently learned that she has cancer and as you might imagine, any donation, in any amount, will help her down this road.

So here we are...looking for 'THE PERFECT TREE.' I frankly didn't find the perfect tree. I found the perfect TREES. 3 of them, in fact! Are they not the cutest things ever? But for the fact that I had NO idea where we'd put three trees, they were SO gonna be comin home with me...*sigh*. Another year.

The kids had a great time running up and down the rows of trees peeking through, looking for faces they know...Gramma, Aunt Mary, Uncle Emilio, Me, Brian or their siblings. Good game.

After we found the perfect trees for my mom and Mary and Emilio, we went to Starbucks for Coffee, Chai Tea and 3 adorable little hot chocolates! What a fun new tradition!

"We want coffee. We want coffee."
Like mother, like daughter

Clearly we stayed too late. Ethan had to lock up the Starbucks for them.

Wishing you all a happy-so-far holiday season!

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Dad/Grampa Sam said...

What fun! I agree that the Dutchman Tree folks are wonderful people and encourage others on the eastside to shop there for this year's trees. In case I do not get to the eastside to buy my tree this year, to whom can donations be made to assist the little girl with cancer? Love you all and glad you had so much fun tree hunting.

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