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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Then and Now

Colton Samuel

Hunter Olivia

Ethan Bradley


The Tovar Family said...

I want to start by telling you what an inspiration you are. I was looking up things on cleft lip and palate last night when I came across your blog.I started reading and then one hour later I was wiping tears reading about your sons palate surgery. My third daughter was born on Sept. 1st with full unilateral cleft lip and palate. I didnt know until they handed her to me. We are now two weeks away from her first surgery for her lip. I am very nervous and anxious but reading all that y'all went through helps me prepare. I love my daughter the way she is but I know that it is best for her to go through this. I absolutly love her smile and it is ver hard for me to imagine her different. I just wanted to let you know how great of a mother I think you are. Sometimes I have a hard time dealing with all this but I couldn't imagine having three all the same age. Sorry I have been so long winded, I really enjoy your blog.

Anabelle said...

LOVE this idea! You may be seeing it on my blog soon :)
BTW they are the cutest little toddlers I just love them!

Nicole said...

Yep... great idea!!!! It's is truly amazing how fast the time has gone and what great little people they are!

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