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Friday, November 12, 2010

The ABC's of 19 month Triplets

A- “Are they triplets?” Pay yourself a nickel every time you hear this. You’ll be able to put them all through college before they turn 5.

B- Babyproof times 3. They’re smarter than you. They’re littler than you, and they outnumber you. Oh, and blog. Start a blog if you haven’t yet. Cuz it’s hard to keep up with 3 babybooks, but easy to write one blog and print it 3 times... see blog2print.com for this.

C- Cups. You really can’t have enough of them. They hide them, they lose them, they shovel sand in the sandbox with them. You just can’t have enough cups.

D- Dogs are a great cleaning tool. I highly recommend you get one. You already have 3 kids, what’s one more mouth to feed?

E- Everybody wants what everyone else has. Accept this now and life will be much simpler later.

F- Farmer. Make friends with one. Or consider moving to a farm where there is a cow and some chickens. You will buy more milk, bread, eggs, cheese, yogurt and vegetables than you will know what to do with.

G- Gawk. People will do this. They’ll whisper about your kids as soon as you pass them by. They’ll ask ridiculous questions about your fertility and your kids’ medical history. Just be gracious. They really don’t mean to be obnoxious.

H- Hide the remote controls, car keys, and cell phones if you ever want to use them for changing channels, driving, or talking to adults.

I- Inchbug.com. They make great personalized rubber bottle/cup bands to easily identify which kids’ cup is which kids’ cup. Not that you’ll care who drinks out of whose cup, but it makes you ‘look’ like an organized mom. Well, that, and someday your daughter will know full damn well that the pink cup with the purple band is HERS. And only hers.

J- Just because they ate broccoli and cheese yesterday does not mean they will eat it today. On the same note, one of them will almost always refuse to eat what the other 2 are inhaling. He’ll live without that meal.

K- Kids will be kids. It’s okay. Let them play in the dirt, empty your tupperware cupboard, fling all the diapers on the floor, make messes. This can all be fixed. Life is short.

L- Let people help you. Swallow your pride. Let them do your laundry, wash dishes, give your kids baths, WHATEVER. Just be glad you have friends and family who love you.

M- Make time for yourself. Nuff said.

N- Never go to the zoo, park, museum, playground, etc. at nap time. Ever. You will immediately regret that decision. Also, if you take them to any of these places alone, do not, I repeat, do NOT let them out of the stroller no matter how loud they scream. They outnumber you, and they are FAST.

O- Odd man out. It’s inevitable-there are 3 of them. However, the odd man will change almost daily. It’s okay. Playing alone sometimes is good for them.

P- Play room. If there is any way humanly possible to make one in your house, do it. Play room, play corner, play loft, play closet, play tile, play “area”. Otherwise, your house will be swallowed by toys.

Q- Quad stroller is the way to go. I realize this post is about triplets, but my quad stroller is my life. It’s 2 in front, and 2 in back, and it fits through doorways, store aisles, AND all the kids remain in your reach. (ANd you have under-seat storage AND an extra seat for a friend!

R- Revel in the little moments. Like when one learns how to put a shoe on all by himself-even though it’s on the wrong foot. Or when they give unsolicited kisses to their crying siblings. And when they use their sign language to tell you they’re hungry. And bring their sister her woobies when she’s sad. And use their fork to eat their dinner. That’s big stuff in toddler land. Celebrate those moments.

S- Suburban. Get one as soon as possible. You will thank yourself later. Doesn’t have to be new, doesn’t have to be pretty. It just has to be.

T=- Three of everything. Just get three. Tell anyone who brings your kids “treasures” to do the same. One bouncy ball is a fight waiting to happen, 2 is do-able, 3 is just plain smart.

U- Understand that though they are triplets, they are all different and they all deserve to be loved as individuals. Rock them by themselves, read to them by themselves, take outings with them by themselves.

V- Vino. aka. Wine. Consider owning stock in it.

W- Wagon. Step 2 makes the “Choo Choo wagon. You must have this. Sell your furniture if you must, but you need this triple wagon.

X- eXtras of everything. Clothing, sippy cups, snacks, shoes, diapers, wipes, socks, toys, etc. The phrase, “Grr! I’m so mad at myself for bringing too many diapers today!” has never been uttered by any mother of triplets anywhere. You’ll never be mad at yourself for bringing too many of anything. You’ll kill yourself if you don’t bring enough.

Y- You will soon forget what life before triplets was like. You will be be blessed three times over, with everything-Hugs, smiles, giggles, etc. You are lucky to be a mother, gramma, grampa, aunt, uncle, or friend of triplets. It is a rare blessing.

Z- Zoo. Having triplets doesn’t mean your household will become one. Keep a schedule, create routines and everything will be okay.


Big D, Ria, Autie, Izzy, Thing 1 and Thing 2 said...

while I "only" have twins (plus two), so much of this is applicable! Thank you for reminding me to enjoy my blessings!

Tim and Darcy said...

LOOOOVE this...best post EVER! :)

Mary said...

I don't see anywhere that you should take on a half day kindergarten position, begin selling jewelry, begin the process of writing children's books on top of all that you do for your kids! And that is because there are very few people who could even do half that you do and still be sane... We are all impressed!

The Alexanders said...

AWESOME post! I read every single letter and after each one said to myself "that is SO true!!!".

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