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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Little girls need jewelry too!

A couple weeks ago, we went up to visit Brian's family in the Phx area. We went up so that I could do a jewelry show for my mother and sister in law, and as always we did SO much more than that, and had SO much fun!

The little boys stayed with the big boys, while the little lady came with the big ladies to a jewelry party. (And trust me when I tell you that Hunter knows that catalog inside and out. The girl sits and flips through the it more often than I do!) As with most times, she was extremely well behaved while she waited for the party to start.

Here, she is enjoying her lunch at her cousin Alexa's big girl table. And yes, I did. I dressed her in a polka dot dress and pink converse tennis shoes!! I love it!!

Here's Hunter, modeling "Opening Night"...
Quite pleased with herself.
Showing Nana all the pieces she's really excited about
Having a snack with cousin Chloe
Little girls need jewelry. And naps. She slept on Aunt Kristen's bed. :)
After the party, it was PLAYTIME outside!
Ethan still crab crawls across grass for some reason.
Play Ball!

The boys
Hunter and Nana playing ball together

Story Time!

Aunt Kristen cheering for Colton's amazing dance moves

Talking on my dominoe cell phone

Kissing the dominoes. Why? Couldn't tell ya.
"Hey, that looks like fun! Let me try!"
And yes folks, it would appear that Colton loves this doll. He was very nurturing and had to care for her while we were there.

And that's all! Another great visit to Phx!


Mary said...

Hunter, only 16 1/2 more years till you can sell Premier jewelry!

butterflymama said...

Your kids are TOO STINKIN' cute!! I love how they never have pants on too!! ;)

Nicole said...

That was so cute! I love Hunter's dress!!

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