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Monday, November 22, 2010

Awwwww SH@#!!!

This here is my Suburban. I drove it to school today just to "run in real quick" and grab some turkeys. Hunter came along with me, you know, since we were going "just real quick."

This is where I parked.

This is also where I unloaded Hunter and my purse, and our McDonald's Dr. Pepper and Milk. (Thank God...)

Because this is also where I left my car keys in Hunter's carseat and locked the car.

This is where Hunter heard me utter the 4 letter word that begins with "SH" and ends with "IT" for the very first time in her little life. (Okay fine. It might not have been the FIRST time...)

Here's the order of thoughts as they ran through my head.

1. Aww SH@#!!!!

2. Thank God Hunter's not in there WITH the keys.

3. Maybe I have another set of keys in my purse. (not so much...)

4. Well at least I can go into the classroom where the winds aren't blowing 30 miles an hour and figure this out.

5. Aww SH@#!! The classroom and gate keys are ALSO on that keychain. Awesome. So we're stuck out here in the windy desert.

6. Hmmm.....What would Bear Grylls do?

7. Please god, let me have my cell phone. (I did.) ( To which I immediately thought of taking pictures for blogging purposes rather than calling for help...Seriously, could my priorities BE any more screwed up??)

8. I'll call Brian and have him bring me the extra set.

9. Crap! He can't bring me the car keys, because he's home with the 2 boys and and I have all the carseats.

10. Man, I'm sure glad Hunter and I went through the drive through at McDonald's and got Dr. Peppers and Milk. (Hey, I'm bein' honest, this was a thought that I had.)

11. Okay, I'll call Mary. She'll rescue us.

12. Rats!! Mary's at Lacey and Jillian's baptism. She's not answering her phone!

13. Okay, I'll call my mom. Surely if I mention poor little Hunter, waiting in the desert, how could she say no? She'll rescue us. (Even though she was home preparing for our family's early Thanksgiving)!

14. AND OF COURSE, SHE DID! Dropped everything and came to get us!

Now, I know that Brian is always talking about taking our kids out on nature outings and teaching them about desert survival. I just had no idea how much progress he'd already made. Clearly, Hunter was paying attention. She not only learned how to spell "HELP" but she remembered to sit and wait for rescuers to arrive.

Okay, well luckily there was a milk crate nearby, on the interior side of the gate, that I was able to "cleverly maneuver" onto the exterior side of the gate. Such a good girl. She just sat and waited.
And waited...

and waited some more.

Okay well really. You can only expect a little girl to sit for so long before curiosity sets in.
"Come on, Mom. Let's go see what's out here!"

Alas! We were rescued! We made it into the classroom, got our Turkeys and headed out!
Thanks a million, Grammy!!
So much for "just real quick..."


Anabelle said...

OMG! That is one of my WORST fears, except, my Brian is NEVER home and no one in ABQ has extra keys to my house. Thank goodness for Grammy!
That also totally reminded me of the time I stopped "real quick" at Home Depot with Lucy and lost my keys in the store. Thank goodness for you and Brian!

Mary said...

How adorable is she...You would have been all through the desert with Colton...and Ethan would not have been a fan of the wind. If you have to get stranded, you picked the best triplet for that adventure.

Jen said...

Oh grammy's are amazing!!! Hope you all Have a wonderful turkey day!!! So thankful for friends like you!

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