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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Beachkins take San Diego: Part 1

Sooo...we just came back from our vacation in San Diego....about a month ago.... I KNOW! I KNOW! I KNOW!! Slacker! I am sorry! I am especially sorry and I'd like to personally apologize to my friends the Hoffners who have been waiting for me to post these pictures ever since I promised them at least 2 blogs ago. :)

So here it is. We took the babies to Mission Beach in San Diego for the very first time! Talk about life come full circle! All I can say is what a kick in the freakin pants it was to watch the joy my own kids got from something that brought me so much joy my whole childhood!

It was no surprise that three very different babies had three very different reactions and opinions about the salty, cold ocean water and the sand that surrounded them.

Hunter is a California Girl at heart. She would've slept in the sand if we had let her. And not only that, she had absolutely no fear or even one ounce of hesitation about trotting right into the ocean. She definitely did NOT get that from me. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't do the ocean. I absolutely LOVE sharks and frankly one of my favorite weeks of the year is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. I love to learn about and even watch Shark Attacks, and so... this is also why I don't go in the water. :) Me, I'm more of a Mai Tai and sunbathing kind of gal....so Hunter lovin' the water might be the only reason I might ponder the notion that perhaps an embryo got switched....Fortunately she looks exactly like me so she's definitely mine all right. And oh, how I love that little spit-fire.

Colton and Ethan share very similar opinions. I think they enjoyed the cool, windy air much like their dad does. But neither boy wanted anything to do with the water or the sand for the first few minutes. Given a bucket and shovel however and they warmed up to the idea a little bit. They certainly did not get the daredevil gene like their spunky sister. They tolerated the beach but were equally happy at the end of each day to sit in the tub and wash it all away!

So here is part one of our pictures. I figured I'd better post them in chunks so that at least SOMEthing gets posted...I'm now in fear of losing some friends if I don't get my blogging butt back in gear!! The next post will be our Sea World photos. But like I always say, please do not feel that you have to look at each and every photo....I post them for our memories but I know how boring it can sometimes be to look at other people's vacation photos...(However, you can thank me for condensing the 1132 pictures we took in a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH smaller number!)

So enjoy....

McDonald's...on the way
And Applebee's in Yuma!

Hunter is showing us what she'd like to have for dessert

Our first few moments on the beach....
Ethan Bear
Colton admiring the ocean
Colton telling dad that he HATES the beach!
"I mean it, Dad! I really don't like it here!!"

And then there's little miss Sassafrass. She likes the beach all right!

Aunt Mary and the Bunchkins

Sharing a room with 3 sleeping babies means 3 babies who want to get in my bed in the morning! Oh what fun!
Hunter wants to know if the beach is still there...
Like Father, Like Son :)
Colton was content to watch the beach from the wall of our condo..far, far, away. (Ok, just a boardwalk away but when you're that little I'm sure it seems like a safe distance!)
Looking out the window...they did a lot of this.

Aunt Mary, Me and the babies
I admire Colton's observance...apparently we all use our cellphones so regularly that he in fact knows exactly how to use the phone himself!
Watching the carousel go round and round...
My mom and sister went parasailing and Brian went along on the boat to take photos and videos!

Be still my heart....these are my babies...

"Uncle Nathan" and Ethan
Seriously. Is there no cuter picture than this? Just checking to see if the beach is still there...
Aunt Mary and Hunter

One thing they were all very good at is napping on the beach! Here's Hunter and Aunt Mary
The Boys

Takin a walk with Grammy
A Few of Colton's moments...

My own little Gilligan

My best friend from college, Jen and her 4 week old baby girl Ava.
Yes, this is my best friend. The one I used to get into trouble with in college, sneak into bars with, party at frat houses with, you name it. This is us with kids. Strange how our lives have changed! The good news is that we both have daughters whom we can forever entice into becoming Kappa Alpha Thetas someday...who knows...Ava and Hunter might be best friends like their mommies.
My youngest boy and me

Hunter and Brian
My kids and me...
My little family...and yes, this is in fact the ONLY day I did not shower before going out to the beach so yes, my hair is greasy and gross. There I said it.

That's my girl!

And those are my boys!
Those are my triplets.
Yep. It still sound strange even after this long.

This is the jellyfish that washed up inches from Colton. I fought for its survival and won the battle about whether to get rid of it or throw it back in the ocean. So if this little jellyfish should wash up beside YOUR feet in the ocean....yeah. You can blame it on me.

Lunch on the beach!
PBJs, Raspberries, Strawberries and some sand.

Hunter and me.
Stay tuned for Sea World.....


Nicole said...

Love them! What great pictures and great memories! I love the one with Hunter lookng over the wall.....

The Alexanders said...

looks like you guys had an AWESOME time at the beach!

jrcoffey said...

I just can't get enough... :)

Sarah said...

love the pics! and honestly, i hardly ever shower BEFORE going to the beach. really, what is the point? ;)

Ami said...

Pictures Sarah. Pictures are really the only point. Because if you don't you get left with photos of you with greasy hair. :)

Tracy said...

Stumbled across your blog from Great Umbrella Heist. Your family is beautiful and love the beach pics!!

Anonymous said...

Give a fool enough rope and he will hang himself...................................................

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