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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Beachkins Take San Diego Part 2

Okay, I know I promised Sea World next, but these pictures were already ready...I do hope you enjoy!

If you hadn't gathered it yet, the babies were obsessed with this "just their size" gate

Really? Is there anything better than a lawn chair?

One of our San Diego Traditions is trekking down the boardwalk to the Promenade Shopping Center where we have breakfast at the Eggery! Colton is explaining the wonders of a fork to grammy.
Clearly, Hunter finds her menu hysterical!
And Ethan is tasting jelly. Er, no, he's tasting the plastic container the jelly is in.

Mike Morrison, if you're reading this, know that I took great pride in cutting my kids' food for them :)

Making funny faces with mom
Uncle Emilio and Gary Busey...er...Colton

Surfing? Not yet...Just practicing standing on his own!

My boys
Ethan's sandcastle pile

Of course the camera snapped the second he looked away, but Ethan was so mesmerized every time these junior lifeguards in training would run by!

My sandy boy

Learning how to clap!

Our little sand crab, Hunter

The Beachfront Beauty...this is where we stayed the past 2 trips. Last time we were on the middle floor, this year we had the bottom floor and thus, the PATIO!!

Sand Yoga

Ethan had a blast throwing the ball with Uncle Emilio. He is the only one who can actually catch the ball as well as throw it! Go Ethan!

Aunt Mary and Hunter
Uncle Emilio and "Snoop Ethan E"

Hunter found it fascinating just to touch Ava.
Ethan Bear and his Dad
The competition increases...coolest feature of the beachouse...the gate, the lawnchair or the dishwasher??
Pictionary...a fun game for non-competitive people.

There's that gate again
Hey! Am I lookin' in the mirror?

Ethan, Daddy, Colton

Hold on to mommy's leg and you won't get washed away!
My family

Hawaiian Butts

He kneeled on this chair and watched the little girls beside us for about 30 minutes. They finally came over and said, "is he mad at us?" And sure enough, Colton had the most stone cold expression on his face. It was so funny!

Ava's first time in the ocean with her daddy, Nate
Jen, Nate and Ava
Grammy and Colton
Hunter Olivia: Queen of the Beach
Colton and Uncle E

Mary and Emilio
My Mom
Colton, Brian, Hunter, Ami, Ethan

Mi Familia
Nate, Ethan, Jen, Ava, Brian, Colton, Ami, Hunter
The Whole Gang


Anonymous said...

OMG!! It looks like you all had a great time.I am amazed at Hunter's love of the water....i am curious to see how fearless she is next year! What great memories for all of you! Thanks for sharing!!

Mary said...

It was definitely a fun trip! But very different with four babies : ) My favorite was hanging out on the beach with the babies! I love all the pictures of them on the beach...can't wait till the next beach trip.

Anonymous said...


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