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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The rest of the fun from turning ONE!

A couple days ago, I began this birthday bonanza of posts! Tonight, I will finish it. After 3 hours. No, that is not an exaggeration. It actually took me that long. I won't get into the nitty gritty details of WHY it takes so long, but it does. I contemplated once again leaving out a picture here and there, but I really want to remember this day. And if I don't write it down and capture it in photos, I won't. I'll think I will, but I know me. The same me who is amazed at how many mothers of teenagers can rattle off the month their child got their first tooth, when I cannot remember what month Colton got his, and he's barely a year old!

So I decided to leave the pictures in. Though they start to look the same after a while, when I really look closely at each one, I see that they each tell a different story. There's something different about each one and it's those little things that make this day so exciting and special. So sit back, grab a drink, maybe 2 (I told you, it's long. There's like 300 pictures I think) and enjoy the show.

This birthday party defied every "rule" about FIRST Birthday parties. It really did. If you google first birthday parties you will see these rules:

"Invite one child for each year of age your child is turning." So 6 kids including my own? I don't think so. Try 38. That's more fun.

"Keep it simple. One year olds won't know the difference." Yeah, but I will. So Jumping Castles, Pinatas, Cotton Candy, Carnival Games and Crafts probably don't count as simple do they?

"Keep it short. Plan it around your baby's (I also noticed that most websites refer to the "singular" baby) :) nap time. " Oops. My bad. Party started at 1:00. Guess what time nap time is???

Anyway, you see my point I'm sure. We broke the rules. But here's the thing. This party was not just for the babies. It was for us. And it was for all of you who have supported us and cared about us, and loved our babies like your own. This was a true celebration of 3 miracles. And we didn't want to celebrate alone. So here are the pictures from the day...


Ethan (Not at all fond of the hat)

Hunter, (not so much fond of the hat either)
Colton (okay, so no one loves the hat. At least he's wearing it anyway.)
Wondering why there are 80 some people watching him.


Totally un-enthused about his cake. This cannot be my child.
Okay, yes he can. My, how I love this little boy.
I believe this was me saying "Colton, eat your cake. Everyone is watching you."
Dainty pink frosted fingers. Love it.


After most everyone had left, we had some Bunchkin Jumpin Time! Ethan was not sure he was a fan at first, but after going in the second time, he was feeling better about the whole thing!

No surprise, Colton is a HUGE fan of the Jumping Castle!
Dad and his trio
Nana Bunch peeking at Colton
Beautiful Girl

Contemplating Life as a one year old.

Aunt Kristen and Colton

I love this picture because Hunter is always so curious about Brian's "Ami" tattoo. She will crawl right up to him, put both of her little hands (that still don't even cover the whole tattoo) and then open them both up "peekaboo" style as if she's seeing if it's still there. She will do this over and over and over...
Such a peanut. This girl cracks me up.
"Hey Grampy Sam! You comin in?"
Hooray! He came in!
Aunt Mary and Colton

Good friends Dave and Seth! Seth loved the jumping castle as much as the babies did!
Brian and his mom :)

Dave, Seth and Jaxon Pearson. This appears to be a very serious discussion they're having.
Mary, Joshua Hopkins and Colton
Gramma Debi encouraging the Bunchkins
Is this another race brewing??

Those look like sleepy birthday eyes to me...
Hey Gramma! Whatcha doin out there?

AFter his first round of uncertainty, he decided to come back and give it another try!

Okay this is kinda fun!

Hey little man!
You know he likes it if he's making raspberries!

Okay I have to apologize to the children at the party for this one. The pinata hung there for the duration of the party. Apparently a few children did see it hanging and inquired about it to their parents. However, with all the hustle and bustle going on, we completely forgot about it until there were about 7 kids left. Luckily they were mostly younger kids so they got to scoop up all the candy without the threat of older kids stealing it first!

Obviously I posted these pictures backwards, but that's okay. You know how it works. However. I'd like to point out how ghetto we are. We could not find a single "bat-like" object for kids to use to hit the pinata. No kidding. Nothing. So please look what we ended up with. Yes, that's a night stick. You know you're at a police officers house when...

Swing Jaxon!
Mom will help you!
I love kids and pinatas!! Look at that ferocity!


So Devynn was pretty much a pro by the end of the party!

And so was Aunt Mary!


Aunt Kristen and Nana Bunch looking on from above
Hey Sexy Baby! "You want my daughter to wear WHAT?" says Brian
Auntie Val, Mom, Charlotte, Hannah, Hunter and Carolyn
The best present ever...

AND FINALLY..THE BABIES AND THEIR GUESTS. (Well, most of them anyway)
Niki and Colton
Brian, Denise, Seth, Dave
Charlotte, Me, Mollie!! :) (And Karen in the back)
Me and Jen (and baby Ava)
Daylen, Nana Bunch, Eric, Papa Bunch, Brian
Bob, Denise, Dave, Uncle Jim, Jen L
Kathy and Hunter, Jen, Delaney, Nicole and Brody, Daylen
Sarah (and baby Henry) and JAmes
Gerri, Nana, Ken, Papa
Lacey, Katie, Jen, Rob & Andy
Please take note of Mary's awesome craft center! She had every kid make a foam picture frame with their names on them, with sequins, crystals, beads, etc! What fun!
Bryan, Drew, Emilio and BP in the kitchen
Kristen, BP, My dad
Bob, Rosey and Ethan
Hotties! Kelly, Jen, Anabelle, Jaymee
Dave, Denise, Seth, Rosey, Mary, Uncle Jim
Trynnity, Jaxon and Katie, Ryan? or Wyatt?
Katie and Jaxon. OMG SOOOo cute! I'm almost afraid that Jaxon may have replaced Hunter as his wife!

Delaney, Nicole, Jen and ANdy, Baylee, Jaymee, JAmes and Sarah, Mollie (and our wagon riders Brody , Joshua, and Trynnity)

Rosey and Hunter, Lacey, Uncle Jim and Auntie Val
Kelly and Jordan, Karen and Alexa
The Kershner Girls minus one sick at home! :(
ANabelle and Jaxon, Renae, Sonja, Jaymee, Jen and Mary
Beejai, Parker and Benjamin, Rob,Andy, Jen, Charlotte and Hannah
Jen, Leigh, Kathy
Nana and Hunter
The Birthday Bunchkins

And their mommy

ALL the kids...almost.
Gramma Debi and Colton
My mom, Auntie Valerie, Carolyn and Hunter
Too many to name!
Karen, Heather, Anabelle and either parker or benjamin (I can't see the socks!)
The Mattus' and Hopkins

Jen, Karen, Jen, BeeJai
Ami, Mary, Anabelle, Heather

I'm going to look through other pictures from other people's cameras to see if I can find more pictures of the those of you whom I do NOT have photos of! Thank you all for coming to the party and for loving our babies!

SEe you next year!


Rhonda Moon said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun. I bet you guys are exhausted. Having a bounci and cotton candy machine what a great idea. Invite me next time.

cara said...

You and Mary, total kindergarten teacher party! Looks like a lot of fun though! So how did you manage the opening presents part? I'm thinking of asking people to not bring presents because we have about 70 people coming...it'd take us forever, not to mention she doesn't need that many presents!

Anonymous said...

Love the update! It was a great party that you and Brian will never forget! I really love the pictures in the Bounce House....i love the way the sun is shining on them and kissing their precious little faces! Too cute for words those Bunchkins!!

Ami said...

Cara, I'm glad to hear you're also having a bunch of people for Hadley's party! Mary helped us open presents, and frankly, Hadley could come shopping over here! The babies were spoiled!! But I figure I'll take out a few toys at a time and just keep rotating them so they always feel new!

Sarah said...

wow! that sure is a lot of pictures! loved seeing all the people who came to spoil the bunch babies :) baby henry can't wait to get his hands on the slightly loved on toys in a few months ;)

Lofgren Family said...

Ami - What a beautiful tribute to your bunchkins special day! I'm so glad we were able to be a part of the festivities. If Jaxon and Katie work out, we can always play matchmaker for Andy and Hunter! LOL!!! :)

Anabelle said...

OMG!!! I know why it took 3 hours! You are one patient lady! I love all of the pictures & I still can't believe they're 1! They are the most precious babies ever. What fun we all had.

PS I may need to have a little chat with Jax about his wandering eye! :)

The Alexanders said...

WOW!!! What a party! You guys did such an amazing job at making their first birthday an event to remember! I only have 5 months left...I better get planning hahaha

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