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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy Babies

As if turning one (times 3) wasn't enough, as I looked back through my online photo albums, I realized just how busy we've been! And here I take all these pictures, so I should really share them, right? (And besides, this is MY version of scrapbooking! Especially since I just received my very first HARDBOUND, professionally printed blog book in the mail today, I'm even more eager to continue documenting the Bunch Chronicles!) I'll share the blog book in a post soon to come!)

So as much as I am immediately saddened at the thought that my babies are already a year old, I simply watch them during the day and am reminded that with age comes knowledge and "newness." I've always enjoyed being a kindergarten teacher because it's absolutely the most rewarding feeling when you watch your students learn something new or figure something out on their own. Now transfer that feeling to your own children and I literally feel my heart swell with pride when I see their excitement upon learning something new! Case in point:

I realized when I gave them these that I might be crazy and/or asking for trouble, but frankly, I wanted to see what they would do with them (after the initial taste test). So I took out 4 music tapping sticks and showed them what to do with them first, then I passed them over. And no kidding, tap, tap, tap (taste) tap, tap (taste) they went! Seriously, why is that so exciting to me? I'm pretty sure the tapping sticks would've turned into weapons had I let the game continue much longer than it did, but that's okay. They successfully played the sticks!

Another day (another cold, windy day, it should be noted) Brian and I decided to take the babies to Jesse Owens park to roll around on the grass for a while. (I won't lie, the ultimate reason for doing this had to do with the Dairy Queen right next to the park. ) But whatever. Don't judge me.

So we bundled up, got to the park, spread out a blanket and watched Ethan and Hunter play for a while. Colton opted to nap in his carseat instead and barely even knew he was at the park until we packed them back up. We weren't there long, because when I said it was cold, I meant, IT WAS COLD. The babies little red noses were our indicator that it was time to pack it up! But I think they had fun for a brief while. I know they'll never remember these days, but that's why I blog about them. I want these memories, even if only for myself. I don't want them to be 5 years old and find myself wishing I had done this, or done that....So here are my memories from our day at the park.

Peanut, wearing a jacket a few sizes too small.
Playing ball with Dad

Napping in the cool outdoors
She loves being outside!

Ethan Bear
So, the girl is curious. Downright curious. What is this beautiful green-ness before her? (Remember our brown lawn in our backyard? Right, you see, she's rarely seen GREEN grass before, so it's especially interesting to her.)

"Hmm...I better touch it."
"Maybe I better taste it too..."
Looking for reassurance from dad that it's okay to lick grass.

Definitely liked touching the cool grass...
But LOVED ripping it out of the ground more!
Goofy Ethan...

Holy Smokes! Why is my diaper so cold??

Another day, just before our big birthday bonanza, we went to Jason's Deli for lunch. It must be said, they love sitting in high chairs at restaurants!
Hunter is trying out the menu itself.
"Hot Diggity Dog! They have croissants here!"
After Jason's Deli, Ethan drove us to Costco...Look at that form.
Hunter is his front seat passenger.
Colton and Gramma had to ride in the back.

Lovin her Costco Cart! Honest to God, I foresee these feet on her table in her kindergarten classroom...
Howdy Boys!
I wish ALL stores had double seats like these carts! So much more convenient!
Now, we've taken the babies to the zoo, to parks to friends' houses, etc. And let me just say this- none of those places were apparently as fun as the things they have assembled and on display at Costco! Namely, this playhouse! Oh My Gosh! We might have been there playing peek a boo for a good half hour! I can't remember if I posted the video of Ethan laughing or not, but it's hysterical and totally worth watching, especially if you're having a bad day!

Then we moved on to the Harley Davidson play motorcycle....aahh. Brian was so proud. :)

Later that night, there was a hold-up at our house. Dad had to frisk Colton...looking for snacks in his pockets... hee hee...(seriously doesn't he look like he just got told to "get out of the car. Spread em!"

Then Colton and I went to CRS (Children's Clinic for Rehabilitative Services) which is where he goes to receive services related to his Cleft Lip and Palate. We met with Dr. Hurst, who identified that it's about that time...to do the Palate Surgery. (uugh...) more on that to come. We're looking at April or May most likely. I'll have a post on this topic soon. However, with Dr. Hurst was a Speech Pathologist who was watching him play, and her remarks to me were, "Well, it looks like he's pretty social and seems to play well!" Um Yeah! I'd have to agree! Though she might have thought differently if she'd seen him steal toys away from his brother and sister! He was so in to that truck he didn't even care that his little diapered butt was sitting on cold laminate floor!

And then....he found the dog door. Oh crap.
So just for photo opportunities, I allowed him to crawl out just once and then quickly distracted him with something else completely in hopes that maybe he wouldn't remember that funny little Colton-sized hole in the wall. ) So far, he hasn't been back...

Guess what Holiday? Aunt Mary brought over some fun St. Patrick's Day headband, which was not fitting over her helmet, so we took it off for photos! Luckily, we had received early birthday outfits from our cousins Regan and Mike and all three had gotten a new GREEN shirt! Um, PERFECT!!

Aunt Mary and Colton
And then. Yes, and then....a diva was born! Little Miss Hunter was gifted this very sassy bathing suit from Gramma and Grampa Daniels with coordinating barrette, sunglasses, and flip flops! Can you just say cute??

The wrinkly knees are my favorite! She was not a fan of the sunglasses!

Quick! Here come the paparazzi!

For real...how cute are those knees??

And now that the weather is starting to be so nice during the day, we spend much more time outside...(or at least trying to get past the screen door to get to the outside!)

Help us! Anybody? Anybody?




Another outside day, enjoying our new picnic table and umbrella we got from Nana and Papa Bunch! I love that their feet totally dangle!

And that's all for tonight! We have other big adventures to write about...the zoo, the air show, Colton's surgery, my blog book, etc...I'm contemplating signing up for National Blog Posting Month again for April...we'll see, we'll see. That would definitely prompt me to keep up! Anyhoo, stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

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Bee-Jai said...

Let's do it! Let's sign up for the blog a day. I have so many photos that I need to put up. I'll do it if you do it! Also, I sooo want to know about your blog book. I've never heard of such a thing!

Anabelle said...

Well, if you and Bee-Jai do a blog a day, I might be persuaded to do it too! And next time you go to Jason's Deli call your friends the Pearsons! That's our favorite lunch place. Have they had the ice cream cones yet??

Mary said...

Costco was so fun! I was laughing out loud watching it : ) And those pics of Hunter on the screen door are so cute!!

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