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Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Fun to be ONE: Part 1-Decorations

No big deal...just a sign I made with a picture from their BIRTH day to their Birthday! What a difference! Many of you asked where my "year later" picture is....um, it must've fallen off...bummer!

Okay, so you're wondering what has taken me so long to get pictures of the babies' first birthday party up here? Well I'll tell you! I had to choose amongst some 325 photos that were taken (and that was just on ONE camera!!) So as I went through them, I was having a very hard time eliminating any of them! So I've decided to post the pictures by "topic" a few each day until I complete them all!

And here's the thing, I almost hesitate to post these pictures, because I've already thought of people I "should've" invited but somehow did not. The thing is...there are SO MANY people I would've wanted to invite, but just for the sake of sheer maximum capacity at my house, could not. So if your feelings were hurt, please know that I genuinely wish I could've invited every person who has supported us in this pregnancy and this first year. I love you all and will continue to be grateful for all of you.

That said, let's begin....I suppose the most logical place to begin would be with the decorations...

Their birthday shirts!
Jen is my best friend from college! We met in our sorority and it all went downhill from there! Just kidding! (Babies, someday I'll tell you stories about your crazy Auntie Jen and your mommy!) Anyhoo, what a trooper! 30 weeks pregnant and blowing up 50 balloons for the party! Perhaps I'll blow up balloons for baby girl Ava's first birthday party! The View from the Top...yes, there is a jumping castle at my children's first birthday party! It was not for them specifically, it was for the 38 other kids! (Although, as you'll see in a later group of pictures, the Bunchkins quite liked it too! And no, don't go adjusting your monitors...the grass really is that brown. We're working on it!

Cakes...aaahh fun cakes! Remember the ladybug cupcake picture from a few weeks ago? That my friend Nicole made? Ok, well she was gracious enough to make the babies their very own smash cakes as well as cakes for the big people to eat! Can you say adorable?
These are the big cakes! So, so, so cute!! She has become quite the cake artist in a fairly short amount of time! If you need a cake for some occasion, you should go to her blog and send her an email. I'm not sure exactly what she charges, but certainly for large parties I would estimate about a dollar per person. She has pictures of other cakes she's done on her blog! Totally worth it! And yummy too!

And these...okay. My friend and former coworker Renae Cannady, scrapbooker extraordinaire, made these pages for the babies scrapbooks. I gave her a picture of each baby from each month and she did the rest! I think I'm starting to bore holes in them, i've looked at them so many times!
Furthermore...and I must say this, because NOBODY offers this. When I hesitantly told Renae, that I hadn't esactly started scrapbooks for them yet, I think I heard a thump on the other end of the line, which I presume was Renae falling off her chair. Sooo...she has offered the unthinkable...I am to give her 4-5 pictures of EACH baby from EACH month of their lives and she is going to make each of them a One month page, a two month page, etc...Are you trying to do that math? Yeah, I had to...that's 39 pages...Unbelievable! Thank you Renae for your kindness...and if i can help you in any way, I totally will!
So, apparently Colton was partying a little hard...the point I was making with this picture being in the "decorations" section was the high chair signs...laminated. I might have OCLD....obsessive compulsive laminating disorder. I don't know if there's a picture of my laminated "BEER", "WATER" and "CAPRI SUN" cooler signs, but yes, they exist. :)
Birthday signs!
I am putting this picture here predominately because I want to say thank you to my sister and my mom for ALL their help in planning and setting up and shopping for this party! I think we all had fun, but still, it was a ton of work and I appreciate you more than you know! So yes, we're "cheers"ing to a successful party!

Okay, that's all for part 1- DECOR...Next up? I think probably pictures of the guests...


Sarah said...

great decorations! love the beer on colton's high chair ;) sorry i was not around to help out more, trust me, i would have much rather been there than at our ridiculous birthing classes! can't wait to see more of your hundreds of pics!

The Alexanders said...

WOW!!! The Party was decorated beautifully! I LOVE planning party stuff and have been waiting anxiously to see what you did! Our boys just turned 7 months and I already have a folder on my computer with ideas for their first birthday! {I am such a geek!}

Mary said...

It was quite a party! My favorite was the Bunchkins in the jumping castle : ) I still can't believe they are one!!

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