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Friday, March 12, 2010

It's because of Handy Manny!

I know you're not supposed to let your children see TV before the age of 2 or something, but well, frankly, that just doesn't happen in this house! No siree! We watch (well maybe not watch, but it's on, at least) the entire Disney Channel lineup every morning...Mickey Mouse Playhouse, Special Agent Oso, Tigger and Pooh, Imagination Movers, and my personal favorite?? Handy Manny! (Maybe I secretly like it because I know it's Wilmer Valderrama and he's kinda cute!)

Anyway, we watch Handy Manny's School for Tools and by golly, I think Colton HAS been paying attention! Just last night, I decided to bring Ethan and Hunter up to the play area in the loft with me while I finished cleaning, and Colton stayed in the kitchen with his daddy while he installed cupboard locks on all (except the Tupperware) cupboards! Coming down the stairs for a quick minute, this is what i see....

Handy Colton is helping his dad!
"Hey dad, whatcha doing? Hey! Is that Turner in your hand?..."

"Hey mom, I'm just helping dad do stuff..."

"just one more turn, dad and I think you got it..."
Aaww...hugs for the big helper!

Now on to Babyproofing Part 2
Poor kids...they never saw it coming...
(I know you're thinking that's a pretty big gap at the bottom and I know..I was trying to see just how low it could go, but still allow the cats to get by.)
Allow me to dictate what is going on here.
Ethan: Don't worry Hunter, I'll get it down
Hunter: Maybe if I head butt it...
Ethan: Hmm, well that didn't work...let me think about this..
Hunter: {please note her hands and mouth} What the @#$%??
Ethan: We see you mommy. And we don't like this new thing.
Hunter: I can't even look at you right now Mommy.
Piper:{the black shadow on the right} I just want to go have my dinner down the hall.
Ethan: WHAT? You mean this thing is here to stay? FOREVER?
Piper: Again, I just want to go eat...
Hunter { to Piper:} Don't worry doggy, I'll let you eat my carrots tonight.

Let the babyproofing continue....
{On a side note, I'd like to thank my friend Charlotte for having the knowledge to make this gate work for me! Yep, even after reading the directions, I still couldn't figure it out! Thank you Charlotte! I love you. The babies now hate you. I told them you were the one who made it work. }


Anonymous said...

I love that Colton doesnt have his shirt on and he's all sweaty (AKA~drooly). Too bad he didnt have the plumber crack goin! LOL. I had NO idea you would throw me under the bus, or in this case the gate, for figuring out the gate! ouch! :-)

Mary said...

How cute is Colton!! I love how carefully he is watching Brian : )

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