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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Clap for Colton

So clapping is just one of those things we (and by 'we' I mostly mean my mom) have been trying to teach the babies, for oh, I don't know, several months now! Hunter finally got it a few weeks ago, Ethan still sees no reason to clap, and Colton finally did it today!

He was playing ball with Aunt Mary. Sitting on the floor, across from each other, he would throw the ball to her and then start clapping! She'd toss it back to him. He'd catch it, throw it, and then clap! SO FUNNY! Well unfortunately, I didn't get that moment on camera because I was not expecting such excitement to happen right there before my eyes!

However, the rest of the day, I more or less stalked him...with my camera, and I finally caught him clapping again! All by himself! Why is it that we find these things so endearing? (For the record, Brian's obnoxious laugh was not in response to Colton's clapping. Ethan was biting and licking his ear!)


Anonymous said...

you precious little angel. I can not wait to get my arms around you. Grammy is soooo proud of you Colton. I knew you could do it. Now Ethan your pretty face can only get you so far, time to start catching up with bro and sis. You are waiting for me aren't you? I will see you tomorrow. So much love, Grammy Debi

Anabelle said...

I'm not sure what made me smile more, Colton clapping or Brian laughing because of Ethan!

Mary said...

He was clapping because he was glad his Aunt Mary is back from vacation : ) ha, ha....the real reason is he is clapping for his upcoming birthday party!!

Cam said...

Auntie Diane and I are enjoying your newest entries. We wish all the babies a very happy birthday! -Toni

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