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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Video from Costco

Three children. Three different-very different personalities...

Colton is the leader of the pack. Does everything first, learns things by diving right in. Is absolutely ecstatic when he finds something new and exciting. Giant eyeballs and pointy eyebrows work together to show his excitement with things!

Hunter is fiesty. She's a girl. Likes to be where the action is. Follows Colton anywhere he goes, looking for the same trouble he's looking for. Very sensitive at the same time though. Does not like to be laughed at and I swear she knows when she's being mocked...becoming Mama's Girl, {which for now, is Okay with me!}

Ethan is our quiet, content, independent little man. Does things last, at his own pace. Doesn't seem to mind. Still loves his pacifier though no one else does. Hasn't caught on to the "crawling" thing yet so he kinda gets left out of the crawling adventures. Is a cuddler and has a smile that makes YOU smile!

So I thought today I'd share this video of our adventures to Costco the other day. I particularly like it because Ethan is quite vocal. I wanted to give him his moment in the spotlight. And I'd like a translator as well because I'm pretty sure he thinks he's saying something important! Never mind that his brother and sister are equally themselves in this video! My God I love these babies! How did I get so lucky? And how are they going to be a year old in 6 days???


Sarah said...

cute, cute, cute! :)

Mama of two ~ said...

I just love this stage, when they are jibber jabbering ~ Yay for Ethan ~

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