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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Say Cheese!

I can't believe I forgot to put these up! We had these photos taken by my mom's neighbor's granddaughter Amber, who lives in Philadelphia! She happens to be a photographer and I was always so taken with the pictures she took of her own son, and when I heard she was coming to Tucson to visit, I was MORE than excited when she agreed to take some photos of our babies! I put a few of them on our Christmas Cards, so I purposely did not want to post them before cards went out, but obviously, THAT's already gone by! So here are just a few photos we took. All I will say is this- God bless Amber Edwards for putting up with not only 3 babies, but their crazy parents, aunt and grandma. We love these photos! Thank you Amber! If you want to see all the photos she took, you can click this link to go to www.aedwardsphoto.smugmug.com and then click on the thumbnail photo that says "Bunch Family". You are able to order as many photos as you like from this site and the prices are very reasonable! (A few cents more than say, Walgreens.)


Ethan's Crazy Face! LOVE THIS ONE!




Our Family

Before they were born, my sister Mary found these 2 pairs of green corduroy overalls with 3 peas on them, as well as a 3 peas shirt for Hunter at Gymboree. Then she randomly found the same color green corduroy skirt at Old Navy for Hunter! Perfect for my 3 peas!

Three Peas
And finally, some Santa Pictures! Thanks to Paula Hellsten for having these hats made for us! We love them!


Mary said...

Such beautiful babies!! and no I don't think I am biased : ) I love Colton taking out his sister. Funny how those pictures don't portray the stress that went along with that photo shoot! They just look adorable...

Adam and Samantha said...

Those are so cute!! I love the one of Hunter totally crying in the middle of her brothers!!! gotta love having brothers=)

Anonymous said...

No pains, no gains..........................

Marci said...

The pictures are so sweet! I can't imagine trying to get all 3 to look at the camera at the same time!

Niki said...

I just love these pics! Such beautiful and funny babies! :)

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