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Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby Jail Birds

I've said it before...at least a couple times. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being the first one to get the babies out of their cribs in the morning! Their excitement upon seeing you is utterly adorable. Well, as much as I like to get them out of their cribs, I will admit, that there ARE times when I prefer to leave them in there for just a few minutes longer (you know, to do a quick blog, take a quick shower, whatever.) So usually, just to make sure everyone's okay for a few more minutes, I peek in just far enough that I can see them over the top of the crib rail, but not far enough that they can see me...I often use this same strategy when I want to take one baby out of his or her crib but not the others. What they can't see won't hurt them, right? Works like a charm. Everytime.

Well, it used to anyway. Those days are now over, apparently. They've outsmarted me. I knew it would happen someday, I just frankly thought they'd at least be in kindergarten. But nope, not so much. The past few mornings when I open the door to their nursery to do my "peek in" this is what I have found. (I don't have one of Ethan from this particular morning because he was still sleeping....)

"I see you, Mommy!"
"Psst! Hey you, over there! How bout you come bust me out of my crib jail?"

Have I said it recently...how much I LOVE these babies?


Anabelle said...

That's my FAVORITE time of day too! It's going to be even weirder when you walk in there and they're all STANDING in the crib.

PS My little daugher-in-law can't possibly be any cuter! :)

cara said...

Hadley totally does that! it's so cute! and we call it jail break too! Cute pictures!

Auntie Val said...

These are the cutest pictures ever!!! I love, love , love them!!!! So adorable!

Mary said...

Look at his eyes! And her smile : ) Adorable!

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