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Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's just easier this way, Clark

So today I had to take Ethan back to see Dr. Goldberg to make sure his ear infections had cleared up. Normally Brian or my mom, or even Mary would come along. Well, my mom goes to her exercise class at the same time as the appt., and though she offered several times to come with me to the pediatrician (with all 3 babies don't forget...), I refused her generosity because I know she really loves her classes, and Brian was working and Mary had a meeting. Oh and my friend Charlotte totally bailed on me. (KIDDING CHARLOTTE!) :) Anyway, no big deal...surely I can handle my own three kids at once, right? Don't fear the babies...don't fear the babies...the cute kid with the glasses from Jerry Maguire taught me that "bees and dogs can smell fear." (Oh that, and that the human head weighs 8 pounds.) Well I think he meant "bees and dogs and babies can smell fear." But no worries because I AM NOT AFRAID! (No seriously. I'm really not.)

Besides what's there to fear when you have a well-thought out plan like mine? If it must be 3 on 1, then this is how it will go.

1. I will leave Hunter and Colton in their carseats, and put them in the double stroller.

2. I will take Ethan OUT of his carseat and simply carry him (yes, WHILE pushing the double stroller.) This makes sense to me, since he is the only one who needs to be seen by the doctor today.

3. If no one is there to open the door for us (which they weren't) then I will pull the door open with my free hand, hold it open with my backside, while pulling the stroller through the doorway, hopefully fast enough that the door does not slam shut on the baby in the backseat!

4. I will put cash in my pocket so that I can pay my copay without needing to use my one free hand to dig through my purse, find my wallet, find my debit card in my wallet, then sign the slip. Pretty smart, right?

My plan was going perfectly! All three children well super well behaved (as they always seem to be in public, so far, thank God.) Dr. Goldberg looked in Ethan's ears, gave us the "All Clear" and we were good to go! Hooray! I did it! Took all 3 by myself and everything went according to my plan! Awesome!! (picture me doing an uncoordinated victory dance..)

Until Dr. Goldberg decided that we should give them all their second H1N1 shots today. You know, since they're all here. :)

NOOOOOOOoooooo...it's not in my plan! My well thought out, thus far, perfectly executed plan. But of course, coolly, I say, "Absolutely, let's do it. Good idea." In my head, I'm thinking "Bad idea! Bad idea! Do you not see that I'm all by myself??" Immediately my mind switches to now getting 3 babies out of their carseats, taking off all their pants, cuddling them one at a time after their shots, putting back on their pants, strapping them back into their carseats, blah, blah, blah, all the while wishing desperately I wasn't wearing a sweater as I swear the temperature was starting to rise in there...

Oh well. It is what it is, right? I put my game face on and started taking off pants and unstrapping car seat straps with my one free hand, while the nurse gathered her weapons...

Now, (drama queen bit aside) the truth is, I love Catalina Pediatrics AND Dr. Goldberg because they ARE this way! They have taken such good care of us and the babies and will do whatever they can to keep them healthy AND minimize our trips there! So I was actually very happy to have the Bunchkins get their final H1N1 shots today.

And here's the thing....people are very accommodating when they see one mommy, 3 babies. So the very nice nurse (Cathy?) even held Hunter while she cried post-shot, since I was already holding Ethan and couldn't hold them both. Then she made sure Ethan did not roll off the table while I strapped Hunter and Colton back into their carseats! So all in all, though it strayed about as far from my plan as it possibly could've, I DID IT! :)

So that was earlier. The fun part, (which is the part I'm referencing in the title of this blog came later this evening! ) Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I'd watch it every day of December if everyone would let me. Well, the other day, I feared for a moment, that I may have married Clark Griswold.

My husband, God love him, actually suggested that some year we should buy a permit to go out and cut down our own Christmas Tree---- Cut to Audrey, Rusty, Clark and Ellen standing in the middle of a snowy forest in front of "THE" perfect tree. Never mind the frozen eyelashes and lips.... suddenly I am having visions of my little Bunchkins knee deep in snow, frozen from hiking in search of "OUR" perfect tree...While I try to stifle my grin and contain my need to laugh, I accept that maybe, just maybe that could be fun. As long as Brian remembers the chainsaw.

So anyway, because it's just easier, tonight we went to the TREE LOT! (novel idea, eh?) Not for us...our tree is fake. :( But for my sister and my mom! The babies actually liked the bright lights and liked touching the branches, but did NOT like the chain saw. At all. Can you blame them?

Me and Ethan, Mary and Colton, Mom and Hunter

Colton, (old blue eyes) and Aunt Mary

The Crazy Bunch standing in front of the DUTCHMAN'S Tree Lot, which is run by family members of a guy Brian works with. So this year, Brian helped set up the tent (which is apparently no easy feat). His reward? A free tree! Hooray for free trees! If you need a tree and don't feel like trekking out to the woods, go give them your business! They're at Camino Seco and Broadway in the Taco Bell parking lot! Tell them Brian sent you! No, just kidding. That won't get you anything. They'll just think you're crazy. :)

Me and Ethan

Snuggly Hunter Girl

Dad and Colton

"Peek a boo, Daddy! I see you!"


Monica Rod said...

I have known Brian for a long time, and those pictures of Brian & Colton playing peek-a-boo brought tears to my eyes..and he looks just like Brian!

Charlotte said...

Hello Ami,
This is your slacker friend, Charlotte. lol. Great blog and you are a wonder woman! I love the tree lot pictures. I love that in one photo your wearing your Cottonwood badge, just incase you get lost, they will know where to return you! :-) You are going to have such an awesome Christmas with those babies!

Anabelle said...

Charlotte I was thinking the same thing!! hee hee!
Nice background Ami, I have the same one :)

Mary said...

I love the picture of Colton laughing with Brian. You can almost hear the belly laughing that was happening while you took the picture : ) Thanks for the tree Brian!

Nicole said...

I agree with Charolette on the badge thing. I saw that too! The pictures are too cute... enjoy your undisturbed tree this year... it MAY be different next year:)

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