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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Photo Shoot of our Photo Shoot!

Ok, it's not that I didn't want to every month of their lives...but uugh...just the thought of taking the trio to JcPenney or Sears or Picture People and attempt to get them to smile (without making the photographer want to change careers) simply exhausted me...so yes, they are now 8 months old and we just had our first official photos taken!

Here's the best part though...my mom's neighbor, Gerri, who often comes over to help her feed babies when I'm at work, has a granddaughter who is a photographer (and lives in Philly?). But guess who came out to visit her grandma in Arizona??? Woo hoo!! We had become friends on Facebook and I have become enamored of her son, Shawn whom she takes lots of pictures of, and she had become a blog reader...sooooo she was kind enough to take pictures of the Bunchkins while she was here! Yay for Amber!

We went to the park and took pictures, and then ended up setting up our own "makeshift" set at my mom and dad's house because it was just a tad bit cold on the grass...So these photos are MY photos of Amber taking photos! A photo shoot of a photo shoot, if you will! I will be showing you all the photos Amber took, but not yet...some of them are going to be surprise Christmas gifts! But just you wait...

Please notice the professional sheet holders...my mom and Mary!

From all that, here's one great one we got!

What the adults will do to make the babies smile....dear God. After us, I wouldn't be surprised if Amber changes careers!


Sarah said...

too cute! my fav is your mom at the top of the stairs with her arms wide open trying to get the babies to smile! i can only imagine the fun that was! :)

Mary said...

I love seeing Brian caught on camera making a "kissy face." I LOVE the pictures : )

Amber Edwards said...

I would NEVER switch careers! Especially not after taking the Bunchkins picture! They were amazing!

Anonymous said...

Three little bunnies...cute! I love reading about their stories.

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