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Saturday, November 21, 2009

We love to read!

So interestingly, one thing we all love are books! I am a firm believer you can never own enough children's books. So I thought I'd see what i could find that had to do with triplets. Though all of these are not exactly related to triplets, they all have to do with '3' of something! Interestingly, as a kindergarten teacher, I already have all of these EXCEPT for the Pea Pod Babies, Triplet Tales and Angus and the Triplets! (I didn't know I'd be having triplets all my earlier years of teaching)...perhaps that will be our Christmas pursuit! Already, the babies love to look at books. (Particularly small, board books because inevitably "looking" at books turns to "chewing on" books. :) Anyhoo, if you have children, 3 of them to be specific, maybe YOU'D like to take a look at some of these!

You're all My Favorites
By Sam McBratney
Angus and the Triplets
By Leea Rhotos
Triplet Tales
By Hazel Cushion
The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark
By Ken Geist

The Three Little Pigs
By Patricia Seibert
The Three Bears
By Rob Hefferan

Pea Pod Babies
By Karen Baicker & Sam Williams

The Three Little Kittens
By Paul Galdone

By Dr. Seuss

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Rosey said...

How about the Three Javelina's

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