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Sunday, November 22, 2009

She thinks I'm lovely :)

Ok, so today my friend Nicole, whose blog I refer to (and copy) a lot, gave me an award which was previously given to her! It's the 'Lovely Blog Award.' You are supposed to reciprocate and give this same award to new blogs which you've discovered and that YOU think are lovely! So here is my Lovely 12 List...( I tried to get to 15, but I'm so tiiiiiirrrreeedd...)

(by my friend Nicole, all about life, parenting, big kids and little kids!)

(by my friend Anabelle and her adventures with her 18 month old and her husband)

(all about life with identical triplet girls)

(another blog about life with triplet girls and new little boy!)

(about surving triplet girls and their angel brother Jack)

(cleverly and humorously written by my uncle, all about life in New England)

(much like my family...triplets: 2 boys and a girl!)

(About life with triplets and one more!...They're in kindergarten now, which makes it fun to read! That, and the mom's humor is a lot like mine!)

(triplets...2 boys and a girl..and mom is an awesome photographer!)

(you guessed it...triplets! 2 girls and a boy!)

(A mother writes about trying to coexist with her daughter, twins sons, and infant son)

(as if triplets weren't hard enough!)

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