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Monday, November 23, 2009

For My Sweet Little Girl....

Dear Hunter,

Happy 8 month birthday... I should've known you'd be who you are...I should've known when I was 16 weeks pregnant and you were doing acrobats in my belly. All...day...long. I should've known when I was 20 weeks pregnant and you surprised me ( and surprised EVERYONE) by telling me you were a girl all along! I should've known when you somehow got yourself born second, even though you were Baby C all along and should've been born third! (Knowing you now, I'm pretty sure you probably kicked your little leg at those doctors that day as your way of saying, "Pick me next! Pick me!") And I should've known the moment you were born and the doctors showed you to me. Your big, soulful eyes were already wide open and taking in the world around you.

I should've known you'd be who you've turned out to be, Miss Hunter Olivia. :) You are me-only smaller. Before you were even born, before you were ever even created, your dad used to say to me, "My God, we're all in trouble if we ever have a daughter." What he meant was, "My God, if we have a daughter who is as feisty as her mommy, who has a temper like her mommy, who is as spunky as her mommy, and who can pout like her mommy, then HE's in trouble..." Well, Miss Hunter, you are all of that. And more. And your dad couldn't be happier. And of course, neither can your mommy.

You are my tiny princess. My tiny princess with the big toothless grin, miniature nose, blueberry eyes and beautiful ears. You have the energy of a bumblebee, the ferocity of a pit bull, and the loyalty of a puppy. You are tiny, but you are mighty. Your giggle is contagious, your smile is heartwarming. Everything about you is unique.

We spent a lot of time together today, you and me. You sat with me in your nursery while I sorted your old and new clothes. Though I was really not paying you close attention, each time my head turned your way, you would start chuckling uncontrollably, causing me to lose focus as I engaged us both in a game of "peek-a-boo", something I am realizing is absolutely hysterical when you are 8 months old..I love that you laugh as much as you do. I love that you laugh at your dad when he tickles you, I love that you laugh at your brothers, your aunts, your grammas and grampas, I love that you laugh when Piper brushes past you when you're riding in your wagon and I love that you laugh at me. And I mean REALLY laugh. Whether I'm popping up from behind the couch, or singing "My Milkshake Brings all the Boys to the Yard," or simply peeking at you when I open and close, open and close, open and close the refrigerator door...you are so easily amused and so good natured. Your personality is much bigger than you are!

Tonight I sat on the couch, mere inches from you, playing in your exersaucer, while your brothers both slept soundly. I could barely eat my Lucky Charms, what with you belly laughing hysterically as I attempted to take spoonful after spoonful. I don't really know what was so funny, and I'm pretty sure I never will. But that's okay. You bring purpose to my life, little girl. I wanted you for so long, and you are better than I could've imagined. The fact that you and I have such a connection and you don't even know how to talk yet, gives me great hope for our future. I sometimes wonder what funny things you will do when you get bigger, what funny things you'll say...I even wonder how you'll wear your hair. (I picture you with a cute little pixie bob, with one barrette sweeping your bangs to the side.) I imagine the outfits you'll pick out for yourself and oh, I can't wait until your kindergarten teacher meets you!

But then again, I can wait. I don't want you to grow up too fast. I love that you are still my baby girl. I love that you have a temper and that you screeeeaaamm when you want attention. I love rolling around on the floor with you to see how hard we can make eachother laugh. And even though you pull my hair, grab my nose and try to scratch my eyes out when we play, I love you to pieces.

Once you finally fell asleep, curled up on your side, I watched you sleeping peacefully. I wonder what you dream about as I watch your eyelids flutter. As I carried you upstairs to your crib, your head nestled snugly in my neck, I thought to myself, you may be a triplet, but Hunter Olivia, YOU are one of a kind. As I placed you gently in your crib, I whispered the same words I whisper every night
...."Night, night, baby girl. Mommy loves you."

Love, Mommy

(Stay tuned tomorrow and the next day for my letters to my boys...)


Auntie Val said...

What a beautiful letter to your baby girl. I hope you are printing this to put in her baby book. Priceless..amazing...touching and so true..She is a precious "LITTLE AMI"!!! Look forward to Mommy's letters to her little guys! Love you Ami!

Sarah said...

the milkshake song is almost as inappropriate to sing to your little girl as baby got back! but i'm sure she LOVES it ;)

Faith said...

Way to make me tear up (and smudge my eyeliner) as I drink my morning coffee. What a sweet and endearing letter to Hunter. She is going to cherish it one day when she can read and understand the words. I look forward to reading the letters to the boys.

Mary said...

What a great letter! I will never forget that Christmas when you told us that "Baby C is a girl." What a great day! I can't wait for all the future "girly" things we will all do : )

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