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Friday, November 20, 2009

Working with Babies!

Working with babies...kinda sounds like I work in the NICU or something, but nope! On this particular day, I was actually working, WITH babies! I am proud to work at Cottonwood Elementary! I have worked here for 8 years and I love it! At what other work environment would you be allowed to bring babies to a meeting? And this time, they weren't just mine! (ok, I brought 3 of them, but Jen brought little Andy bringing our total to 4 babies and lots of women! I thought these pictures were too funny not to share! I'm lucky to work with this group of people!

Can you find the four babies?

Colton is helping Aunt Mary
Kristine, Jen & Andy, Apryl
L to R: Mary & Colton, Jen & Hunter, Renee...see how well those babies are paying attention?
This is Colton snuggling up to the Boss Lady, Ms. Bryson! He was in no hurry to leave her arms!
**If you were wondering where Ethan went, he was being baby-hogged by his "Aunt Patti with an i" in the front office! :)

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