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Monday, November 2, 2009

Things I've learned about Motherhood from A to Z

A- "All I can say is I feel sorry for you" is about the rudest thing I've ever heard from someone who sees me with out with my triplets. The irony is that I feel sorry for them for not having the experience of having 3 babies to love at the same time. Plus, comments like that typically come from people who are stressed out because they don't have the know-how or patience to raise their ONE child. :)
B- "Boo" is the funniest game ever to my 3 babies.
C- Calm...calm...calm...So important to stay calm. :) Stressed mommy=stressed babies. Calm mommy=calm babies. I choose choice B.
D- Diapers are not created equal...
E- Extinct when you need one. Plentiful when you don't. This is the way of pacifiers.
F- Friends with kids are great! They give you hand-me downs, bring you treats, tell you where to find teething tablets, teach you how to make rice cereal, etc.
G- Going anywhere with 3 babies is a feat!
H- Humor is a necessity. Sometimes you really do have to just laugh when all three babies are eating bright orange sweet potatoes, with more of it on their faces than in their mouths, and one is screaming because he hates it and his head itches from wearing his helmet all day, the other one just sneezed sweet potato out of his nose and onto everything in the area, so while you go get a wet paper towel to clean him (and everything else) up, the phone rings, which you distractedly answer, now coating IT with sweet potato, and come back only to find that baby #3 took the liberty of taking matters into her own hands and is now holding the bowl all by herself and is finger painting with her dinner. How can you not laugh?
J- Just when you buy your babies those cute new onesies from Target in size 3-6 months, they will suddenly only fit in 6-9 month clothes.
K- Karma waits for people to become parents and then whatever went around really comes back around! I know this because my little tiny daughter can scream at the top of her lungs just to get a reaction, much the way I'm pretty sure I did to my mom....sorry mom. :)
L- Laughing babies is the best thing in the world!
M- Multitasking takes on a whole new meaning once you have kids. I had this thought the other day as I sat in my glider chair feeding a baby with one hand, holding the cell phone to my ear with that same shoulder, clipping baby nails with the other hand and changing the channel on the remote with my TOE!
N- No one knows my kids as well as I do, or loves them as much! ( I know many of you love them ALMOST as much as I do and I love that!) :)
O-Orajel. Buy it. Use. Love it. Consider stock in it.
P-Picking a good Pediatrician's office could be the best move you ever make. Catalina Pediatrics has been so good to our family....we appreciate everyone there!
Q- Questions about raising babies should be directed to the 'BABY 411' book. It's awesome!
R- Road trips are better reserved for older kids or minivans.
S- Snot Suckers (I believe grown up people call them bulb syringes) were invented by a genius. I treat like I treat American Express...don't leave home without it.
T- Tailgate of a Dodge Durango doubles as a changing table when you're out and about.
U- Under the couch is where you will find the missing Snot Sucker (see 'S' above), 2 pacifiers, the left foot sock, a teether, your flip flops and the dog's chew toy. All covered with fur and dust.
V- Very, very, very carefully is how you put three babies to sleep in the same room. If you're not careful, you WILL trip over the humidifier on the floor, causing you to bump into a sleeping child's crib. Who, by the way, will no longer be sleeping.
W- When in doubt, just use diaper rash creme.
X- Exersaucers are like center time for kindergartners. I know. There are 3 of them in my living room. Rotate every 20 minutes or until someone starts screaming. (And yes, I realize that I am using some Alphabetical Liberties here with the X thing...)
Y-"You really have your hands full" is such a ridiculous comment. Really? You think? My response- I'd rather they be full than empty." And I would.
Z- Zoo is what our house sounds like from time to time when three babies make three very distinct "sounds". All of which are very funny!

Whew! I did it! 2 days of "National Blog Posting Month" down...28 to go!


Nicole said...

OK, you are holding yourself to a very high standard missy! Awesome post! I have been thinking about one that is similar, but now I don't know! You really "get" being a mommy & it's so awesome!

Keep it up! I now need to bring my A game.... ok not A as in Ami, so maybe my N game.

Wow... I am seriously lame:)

Fisher Family said...

Thanks for making Billy and I laugh tonight. We appreciate many of your a-z's even if we didn't have our 4 all at the same time:)
I think any mommy would agree it is all about the humor and love you have for your kids, and it only gets stronger as they get older.
Good luck with your blog marathon!!!!

cara said...

Absolutely agree with much of what you wrote! it's so fun isn't it?

Caitlin said...

Great post Ami! I loved your A-Zs and couldn't agree with you more! Being a Mommy is the best!

Adam and Samantha said...

That was awesome!! I can't believe people actually said they feel sorry for you!! Crazy people! I think you are very blessed to have 3 cute, healthy little ones to love anytime you want!!

Jen said...

Personally, "Y" is my favorite but the whole list was pretty darn impressive :)

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