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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Solid Food. It's not for sissies.

Here I am! Day 3 of Nablopomo..and you thought I was going to forget didn't you? Well I didn't forget, I just got busy! And I had to do some thinking. What to blog about. Hmm...I polled all my Facebook friends and got several GREAT ideas which you'll be seeing sometime in November. But for this post, I decided to focus on something which has recently given me great enjoyment and entertainment....Eating Solid Food. Aah yes. What fun! We've only been eating it for about a month (maybe) and already we've made some big gains as far as learning how to eat from a spoon! So far our food repertoire consists of Rice Cereal, Oatmeal, Sweet Potato, Bananas and Butternut Squash. (All of which my mom makes homemade for us!) Which we appreciate because the babies tried commercially prepared food and really didn't care for taste nearly as much as they did the "REAL" thing. I can't blame them really.

So anyway, at 5:30 each night, the helmets come off, the babies get stripped down to diapers and into their side-by-side-by-side highchairs they go! Just like reading a book, we feed from left to right. This actually works out really well because by the time we get through a spoonful for each baby and come back to the beginning child, they've finally swallowed it and are actually ready for another bite! And if you're sitting there wondering if I'm a bad mother, the answer is yes. I use the same spoon for all three babies. One bowl. One spoon. Oh well. They've been sharing pacifiers since they were a month old! Just think of the immunity they'll have built up. (Now please, rest assured that if someone is sick, that child WILL get his own spoon.) It takes approximately 30 minutes to finish eating and by then the babies are literally coated from head to bellybutton with whatever we ate! Now, whatever adult is NOT doing the feeding has to wash, dry and powder all three helmets since we only have one hour that they get to be off their heads!

Luckily, from here, all three babies get moved into the Bumbo Seats which we line up in the bathroom and we begin the assembly line of bath time. One of us bathes them then passes them to the other of us who dries, lotions, diapers and jammies them! This takes another 30 minutes and then we're done! Helmets back on, time to eat our final bottle of the night at 7:00 and then to bed! Anyway, this entry is dedicated to the messy little faces I love so much...I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Early on, Aunt Mary the Kindergarten Teacher, was teaching them "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" outside on my patio.
It was going so well, and we were all outside, so I decided it would be a good time to TRY eating some rice cereal. Notice I had not smartened up yet. No bibs. Clothes still on. Helmets still on. Oops.
Didn't take long before we all looked like this.....
Loves butternut squash the most. Desperately wants to hold the spoon himself. Immediately puts his hands in his mouth the second food goes in. Can be guaranteed to sneeze food out his nose because of his cleft palate...cute as EVER! Here, the many faces of Colton...

Loves oatmeal with bananas, hates to wait his turn, looks like Al Bundy when he eats (slouches in his chair and scratches his belly), likes when you play the "airplane" game with the spoon, likes to get a reaction when he spits is back out...Here, the many faces of Ethan...

Still kinda learning, loves butternut squash, gets SO excited when it's her turn. (She pulls herself up close to the tray and her feet dangle like crazy, still spits out quite a lot but is getting better, loves the "airplane" game with the spoon, opens her mouth long before the spoon is headed her way! Here, the many faces of Hunter....

Here are a few pictures my mom gave me of me when I was their age. Sorry about the quality...she literally played a video on the TV and took still photos OF the TV. Someday I'll actually just scan some good photos and put them on here. But for now, these ought to do...See any resemblances?
That's all! I did it! 3 days down, 27 to go!


Anabelle said...

You are pretty good to get all 3 babies to eat in 30 minutes! It took me 30 minutes just to feed 1!
I am happy to hear you are keeping with the multiple tradition of using one spoon. It really would be confusing and inconvinient to use 3!

Nicole said...

Awesome! I knew you wouldn't let any one down.Your posts are always super!. Isn't it funny how they like homemade food better! And So much cheaper! Have a good day at work!

Jen said...

I think Hunter's new nickname should be "mini me!" Holy cow she looks just like you!! Love the pictures and can't wait for the next entry.

Mary said...

Finally everyone gets to see why I keep saying Hunter is you! Love the messy food pics. Could Colton's eyes be any bluer?

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