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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A blog a day in November...One down, 29 to go!

Uh oh...I'm already questioning what I got myself into becoming a part of "National Blog Posting Month" where the goal is a blog a day for 30 days...It's only day 1 and I'm feeling overextended already. Oh well. I'm still going for it! So for day 1, I thought we'd go with a bunch of miscellaneous photos that have no rhyme or reason to them!

So...The next few pictures are of my "office" when I was a kindergarten teacher during my LBT life. (Life Before Triplets). Kids lived in my office...LOTS of them! I loved it! I love the colors, the artwork, the smells (most of them anyway) and i love the atmosphere of learning....

Now, some of you may know that in order to help offset the cost of having triplets, I have gone back to work part time. I work from 7-3 on Wed. and Thur. and half day on Fridays. However, I have a new title, AND a new office. I am now the Enrichment Teacher at my same school, and this is my new office. As you might have guessed, kids do not live in my "new" office. Nope, just 3 hardworking 'big kids!" I am still adjusting to my new role and trying desperately not to miss my old job too much. It feels strange to do a job where I interact more with the teachers in the school than the kids!

So this is my office in my LAT job. (Life after triplets)

These are my tough guys...wearing footie pajamas with monkeys on their feet!

And their sister....whom I'd like you all to notice, is NOT in the middle!

This is big boy Colton wishing desperately that his brother or sister would learn how to sit up and keep him company! :)
Wagon Time! Probably their favorite part of the day!

At my friend Nicole's daughter Delaney's 2nd birthday party! I believe this was Delaney saying "Hi baby. Hi baby. Hi baby."
Colton sitting like a big boy at the kiddie table and chairs. Ok he's actually tasting the table and chairs.

Colton and Hunter

This is Colton and his Uncle Emilio. We thought it was too cute that they were both wearing black Hurley T-Shirts!
One HOT morning, we took the babies to watch our friend Paige's daughters' soccer games! On the left is Lacey and on the right is Jillian! The babies LOVED watching them play!

Paige, Aunt Mary and Ethan
Little Lady Hunter
And after a moment of insanity, my mom, my sister and I decided it would be fun to take the babies to Applebees for their first time. I'll say this. THANK GOODNESS for the BIG corner booth. We would not have fit anywhere else!

A random picture I love...Messy Colton
Ethan at the doctor's office
Pretty little Hunter wearing A pink tutu, pink tennis shoes a few sizes too big, and her pink helmet. How I love this little girl!
Ok, I did it! Day 1 down! Hope you enjoyed the randomness of the blog!


Nicole said...

I love it! Wow.. that was the picture of OUR classroom... I miss that (a little). And the pictures of the kiddos at the party is great! Don't worry, we can do this!
On a side note.. I was totally trying to decide between your background and the one that I have now, I think I made the wrong choice!

Mary said...

I may be a little biased, but I just don't think they could be any more adorable!! : ) Lacey will be so excited to see her picture on the blog : )

Jen said...

Oh how I miss those babies...you too of course! Give kisses & hugs to everyone for me!

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