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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sad Goodbyes and Sad Hello's...(for me anyway)

So our 4 day Thanksgiving extravaganza officially came to an end today when Nana and Papa Bunch and Auntie Kristen left Tucson to head back to the Valley. We had a wonderful time and the babies no doubt LOVED having them here to visit! They particularly loved showing off all their new tricks and talents and were every bit as loveable as they always are! I'm so proud of my babies...

We spent today eating, playing and watching (as we do every year) "Home Alone" with Macauley Culkin. Folks, if you think that movie is funny, trust me when I say this-what's even funnier than the movie, is watching my husband and father-in-law watch that movie. They know every part, they know exactly which prank is coming next, they know exactly how the prank will end, and they STILL laugh uncontrollably. And no, that is not an exaggeration. I invite you to come on over next year and see for yourself!

So the weekend was fun and we're looking forward to a nice, quiet, simple dinner with them again, when Auntie Kristen graduates from ASU in December! (Right Kristen?) :)

Ok please watch Ethan.....(baby on the left)
And now look at Ethan! And poor Auntie Kristen! Ouch!
So sad goodbyes for the babies were met with even sadder hellos for mommy....Soon as they left, we headed for Target to get some boring stuff! While we were there, we remembered that we were supposed to "try out" some sippy cups before the babies turn 9 months....(well, that and the fact that Ethan pretty much chugged Grampa Sam's cup of water the other night was another indicator that maybe they were ready)...
So, with sadness, my preemie triplets are growing up....they've used sippy cups now!!! Excuse me while I go look at photo albums of their birth and cry.... (Colton did not use one yet...because of his cleft palate, he is still unable to suck like the other two. So dad is "fixing Colton's sippy cup, so that it will more or less drip out, without him having to work so hard at it!) Stay tuned for those pictures!


Mary said...

They look so big holding their cups!! I can't believe it : ) Love the pictures of Ethan and Kristen, what a smile...

Anonymous said...

That's the same cup that Andy has!!! It's been so fun to watch your little ones grow...they are truly little cherubs. You've done a beautiful job of recording their journey so far! :)

Jen L.

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