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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Thanksgiving Weekend Continues!

These pictures are from our second Thanksgiving with the Bunch side of our family! They came in to town this morning and we have been busy, busy, busy all day! We played, we drove out to the desert to attempt some family pictures (I use the word 'attempt' because it felt like the windiest day on record today...) you'll notice this when you see both of my sons' hair-do's....I don't really give them mohawks and funky spikes... Nevertheless, we had fun taking them!
From there, we went to Kohl's to check out the sales and see if we could find some Christmas Outfits for the babies....between Kristen's and my detective eyes, we were finally able to find two outfits for the boys that were both the right size! I'd show you a picture of them, but you'll just have to wait....Then we came home and played some more, had some dinner, had some baths, had some bottles. Then the big people had some eggnog and pie! Yum, yum! I wish Thanksgiving was 3 days long every year!
Papa and Ethan

Aunt Kristen and Colton
Nana and Hunter

Family Picture Time! We drove out to Tanque Verde Guest Ranch, set up our tripod and said "CHEESE!"

(Please look at the baby boys' hair!! It's so redneck looking!!)

Play time!

Ethan Bear


Squishy Boy

Ethan giving Nana kisses

Hunter squeezing Nana's nose!

Time to eat!

Out of the bath! Waiting for our helmets to dry.

Ethan, quite relaxed in his lazy boy recliner

Yes, it's been a long weekend...Mom and Colton are tired...


Sarah said...

I noticed you put pillows behind each of the babies for their playtime... I bet nobody fell over this time! Good call :)

Mary said...

I love Ethan's mohawk! Great pictures : )

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