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Friday, November 27, 2009

And now...the REST of the Thanksgiving Story!

So here are the rest of my Thanksgiving pictures. We began this Thanksgiving at Starbucks for some coffee and chai tea! Then later that day, my sister and Emilio hosted Thanksgiving at their house! It was a great time! Good food, good company, good memories....Life is good.
As you can see, my downstairs spare bedroom was literally overwhelming me...Taken over by baby clothes we've outgrown as well as those we're growing into...The good thing about the holidays and people coming to stay is that it forces you to clean it up! So here are some horrible befores and some very serene afters...


Aunt Mary and Hunter
Grampa and his grand-triplets at Starbucks on Thanksgiving morning!
Grampa and the boys

Grampa and Hunter

Hunter the big girl, sitting all by herself

Colton and Aunt Mary

Grampa Sam and Ethan

Me and Hunter
Brian and Hunter

Colton, Aunt Mary, Grampa Sam, Ethan, Me, Hunter

Uncle Emilio and Ethan
Gramma feeding Hunter
Emilio and the Turkey
The Bird!

My little boys
Hunter taught him how to pose, I think.
Say, "Pocahontas!"
2 sad pilgrims
Sad Pilgrim Colton
1 little....2 little......3 little pilgrims....
Dad and his princess
Great Gramma Russo, Rocco and Colton
Gramma Debi making gravy
Emilio carving the Turkey

99 year old Great Gramma Russo and Colton
"I ate so much...I guess I'll just pose."

Grampa Sam and Colton
The Fam
Colton fingerpainting again.
Dad and Ethan....look at those eyes
Grampa Sam and Hunter
Mom and Ethan
So this photo shoot was just a disaster.
3 babies in the pack-n-play (renamed "the box" by my brother-in-law) :)

2 tired girls
Piper the Wonder Dog

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