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Thursday, November 26, 2009

My very own Pilgrims

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I will be doing a much more thorough blog tomorrow with the rest of our Thanksgiving adventures, but tonight, I'm just too tired...big day, you know! So for now, I will just say that I am thankful for family, near and far! I am thankful for unexpected visitors to my Thanksgiving meal, and I am thankful for my sister for rescuing my bowl. :) I'll explain later...

Here are my Pilgrim Children enjoying their first Thanksgiving....8 months old! My goodness...Good thing Aunt Mary still teaches kindergarten and had the where-with-all to make pilgrim hats for her niece and nephews just like the ones her students made!


(He threw up immediately after this photo, which is why he looks so unhappy..)


Nicole said...

TOO CUTE!!!! Just think, in the old days, you would have given birth to half a colony... pretty impressive. It's a shame they are so ugly;)Love them!

Anabelle said...

Were the real pilgrims this cute??

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