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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lookout Theta...here I come! Fall 2027

So typically my blogs revolve in some way around my little trio. For today's blog, I had to stop and think for a minute how I could mesh my past with my present and my future! And I think I figured it out.

So if you know me personally, then you likely know my sister, Mary. I have followed her around pretty much my entire life. Literally. We were always one grade apart in school. She went to college at Arizona State, so a year later, I went to college at Arizona State. She joined Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, so a year later, I joined Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority. She became a teacher at Cottonwood, so I became a teacher at Cottonwood. (Ok, there were a few deviations here and there, but you get my point.)

So anyway, call us cheesy, I don't care! Mary is my sister and also my "sorority sister." We shuttered today at the thought that we pledged Theta 14 and 15 years ago!! Holy cow! I remember it like it was one year ago! Well today was the 50th anniversary celebration of our chapter, Delta Epsilon, at Arizona State. So Mary and I drove up to Tempe, met my best friend, Jen Baxter (now Borquez) and we went to the luncheon which was put on and hosted by the Collegiate chapter. (The girls in college now). It was a wonderful time, especially because we met up with quite a few girls from our pledge class and a couple before and after us as well! (If you are one of those girls, HELLO! It was great seeing you all again!)

So how does this have anything to do with the babies? So maybe it's a stretch, but I like to think that someday (much to my husband's dismay) Hunter will become a Theta too! Pledge Class of Fall 2027! Whoa! Is that ever weird? The boys...yeah, I don't know, maybe they could marry Thetas or something! :) But-in honor of mine and Aunt Mary's (and soon to be Aunt Kristen's) Alma Mater, they DID get dressed up in their Sun Devil Clothing! (Courtesy of Nana and Papa Bunch!)

And here are some pictures of the day...

Back Row L t R: Kari, Brooke, Ali, Lindsey, Alex, Debbie

Front Row L to R: Mary, Me, Natalie, Melissa, Jen

L to R: Dina, Molly, Jamie, Jen, Me, Mary

Mary and Jamie (and baby on the way!)


You didn't think we'd leave without making a trademark "KITE" picture did you?
Me, Jen, Mary

Yummy....dessert. :)
And Now...the cutest little Sun Devils!
Frankly, I'd just like to say I don't know HOW children's photographers do it! Take cute pictures of kids who aren't screaming, pulling the other one's hair, falling over, etc. Here are some photos from own home photo shoot!
We begin with quite a bit of disobedience. Colton is pulling Hunter's hair and Ethan is having no part of this because he is trying to poop out a green golf ball. No, seriously. We had to wait it out, let him finish and then continue trying to take pictures. Poor little guy.
Okay, now slightly more agreeable...Hunter is doing her Cheesy Smile


And....photo shoot is now over. They said so.
The End! 22 More Blogs to go in November! :)


Anabelle said...

They certainly are cute, but maybe they should be cute little Wildcats instead? :)

Anonymous said...

cute, but the babies would look soooo much better in U of A gear! :) sarah

Nicole said...

I agree with the UA stuff.. in fact, i think I have some for all three... I will check into it (I know I have a cheer outfit and at least one jersey).

Totally cute and I am impressed that you figured out the 2027... way too much math for me!

I think this blog-a-thon is fun... minding bending, but fun:)

Mary said...

I don't know how you are keeping up with your blog...and writing so much! We all appreciate it though...Fork 'em Devils! And go Theta : )

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