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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jumping Castles, Cookies and Kids!

The Bunchkins went in their Hawaiian clothes (courtesy of their AWESOME Auntie Kristen!) since it was party time!!

Today we went to my friend Leigh (with whom I went to Jr. High, High School and college). At ASU, we were roommates in good old Manzanita dorm, and then into the Theta House together. The fact that we were roommates and are still friends is a true testament to her! :) I don't know if I'd still be friends with me...

Anyway, her daughter, Abby is turning 3 and she had her birthday party today! So the Bunchkins and I packed up and hit the road! It's always fun to go to parties with this crew because it means we get to see all my other High School Best Friends too!- Heather, Jenny and Melanie! (Some may know us better as "THE SQUAD" but we won't get into that!) It's always sort of surreal to be with this crew nowadays because things are so different. I still think of us in High School, playing softball (they, who were talented enough to do so) and Leigh and I in cheerleading. (Ok, Leigh was also one of the talented softball players).

I still picture us having bonfires and camping on Mt. Lemmon and yet, it's just not that way anymore! There are so many kids around! So we still have fun together, just, a different kind of fun! We traded bonfires for pinatas and camping tents for jumping castles! So here are some pictures from the party today! Happy Birthday Abby! (And since many of you constantly wonder, they started out with their helmets on, but after being outside for the party, it got much too hot for them, so they came off for a little while!) :)

Leigh and Colton

Heather and Taylor, Melanie and Hunter, Jenny and Ethan, Leigh and Colton
Ethan and Preston (Heather's son)
Leigh and Hunter
My babies
Abby (Leigh's daughter) and Baby "dirl" Hunter

Taylor (Heather's youngest daughter,) Ethan and Hunter

Audri (Melanie's daughter) and Hunter
The Kiddos!

The SQUAD and the kiddos!

Needless to say, Hunter made herself at home on Leigh and Tom's nice chaise lounger
Abby opening presents!
What better time to introduce my daughter to a jumping castle?
Abby showed Hunter the way!
Me, Hunter and Abby
Yep, I lay her down for 1 second and...
She struck her pose

Jump! Jump!

Now Abby helped her jump!
The End! And that is officially my Day 7 Nablopomo post! 23 to go!

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