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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Oh my gosh...sometimes there are days that are just exhausting. Today was one of them! Babies were not feeling themselves today...tummies unsettled, pacifiers not staying put in mouths, spitting up, crying, fussing, not happy with anyone and yet, still as adorable as ever. It is frustrating to have a cranky baby and it's even more frustrating to have three cranky babies. :) But as much as my anxiety level wants to rise, I seriously just look at their faces and am immediately at ease. They are so tiny, so helpless and so loving. It's my job to make them feel better, so all the crankiness doesn't matter. I am their mom. They are my babies. I waited for them for a very long time. So tonight, I'm going to sleep exhausted, achy and absolutely grateful for these three cranky little people sleeping peacefully in the room next door.... It couldn't be more worth it.


Anabelle said...

Oh Ami! You made me cry. You are absolutely right, whether you have 3 or just 1 it is the BEST job in the world! I am so proud of my "student mom". :)

Adam and Samantha said...

I can't believe how big they are getting! And that hat on Hunter is priceless, so cute! It's the hardest job in the world(times 3 for you =)) but so worth every sleepless night!!

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